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23 Jan 2007

For a music project I want to be able to make live samples/recordings with my Mac.

I'll be singing playing guitar live. Use a beat/bass sequence created in Logic.
On top of that I want to be able to create instant samples of lines that I play/sing with the touch of a button.

What's the easiest way of doing that? what kind of software do you recommend?
7 Mar 2006
Hi Lately I've started experimenting with software synth's.

I especially find the Buzzer 2 component very good.
However I'm never quit sure what I'm doing (producing some great sounds but...)
So any links to a great tutorial or explanation on how synth's work and what all the buttons really do would be much appreciated.

4 Sep 2005
Hi, I'm looking for tutorials and Tips & Tricks on how to make the most out of "home recording", "virtual instruments usage", "production", Mixing" etc...

Everything that will help me become better and understand more about what I am doing (sometimes things sound great but why?...)

I allready found this page.

I'm still reading and finding things out but this helps. Anyone know more articels like this?

6 Aug 2005

I'm looking for a software instument/ plug-in that can fake a rock bass guitar pretty good.

Haven't found a MIDI plug that can do it very good.
Faking it on guitar rig with a normal guitar is just horrilble.

Any Ideas?
5 Aug 2005 here... but I like the site.

One quetsion though I could not easily find.

I want to buy a Shure SM57...but can i hook it up directly into my Imac?
Its an Imac G5 20".....
Can i do it through the line-in?
Or do I need something else...or should I go for a completely other mike?

It's mainly for recording voice/acoustic guitar for demo's.
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