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The only thing i can play is the radio. Without midi i wouldn't stand a chance
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23 Sep 2007
i want to move up yo a g5 and i hear there are some pitfalls to avoid. so, from what i've read i should at least buy a 2.5 ghz (not a quad) with 4 gigs of ram. i currently uae a protools version7.3 LE and the mbox. i bought logic pro 6 but never could put in the time to learn it. i use midi, audio, and virtural instr. i'd like to be able to use all my equipment and sanples. i rarely use anything that starts up os 9 classic but would like to keep that option available just in case. i have not heard any horror stories about the G5 2.5ghz breaking down, burning up, or just not working at all. i have a very limited budget and can not afford to make a mistake in this uprrade process. i would welcome all input to help me in this upgrade from my old, slow g4/400 upgraded to a 1.33....... man, it used to be fast
12 Aug 2007
does anyone know of a good Librarian Program that would work with my version of pt (PT LE 7.3)
i have some old midi boxes and a couple have a number of banks. a korg N1R , a vintage keys and a couple others. is there an Librarian Program that would have the names of the patches and banks that i could use with this version of protools?
19 Jun 2007
hey ya'll
i got alot of songs on this akai DPS 16 that decided to go lame. when i turn it on i get a warning that says

inquiry / identify command failed. Check the drive.
ATA ERROR=81005104

right next to the ID: (here) the ID number never stops. it blurs thru 1 2 3..... ATA and then starts over again. this is barley readable because of the speed in which it scolls thru. of course there is the sad & crying face of a little girl also on that screen also. The DPS has an OS of 1.11 does anyone make/ have software that would repair this disk? Am i forced to loose everything and reformat? (say it ain't so) Is there some kind of reset button i can hold down during start-up or something? If i bought a external drive and updated the OS would there even be a chance the drive would behave? I got alot of stuff i couldn't begin to replace. somebody, anybody, evertbody H E L P!!!
29 Jan 2007
man, i hope this is in the right place.... Ok, i want to upgrade my computer, & i was thinking of getting a dual 1.42 ppc only because i'm unsure if my UAD card, and other applications would work if i bought a used dual G5. i can only spend about 1200.00 bucks or so & my current computer has been upgraded from a G4/400 to a 1.25 ghz (it use to scream) but as everyone here knows that won't do anymore, so it's time to make a move and this is the best place to get REAL info reguarding mac music. any insight would be greatly valued. thanks.

G4 1.25ghz (single) OS 10.4.8 2 megs of ram Mbox protools 7.3LE
1 Jun 2006
hey y'all
maybe this was posted in the wrong forum, that is why i got no reply so i'll try again here. i need a mic preamp. my freind says that it's a black hole and i there is no limit to how much i could spend, but he's wrong. the limit is 500.00! if i could get a decent one cheaper then i would have cash for some other stuff. i have a small home studio but don't have a clue when it comes to using a preamp so if there is a web site or book or someone could recomend where i could pickup the basics that would be very helpful also. i currently use a audio technica 4040 mic plugged into my m box. i don't ever see the need for more than two inputs, so what should i buy?
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