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24 Jan 2010
Hi gang,

I am in market for a new preamp for my 8 core. I have been using the firebox here at the house but would like to use that with the macbook and put something in it's place. With artist pricing both the Presonus Fire Studio Project and the Focusrite Pro 40 come out to be about the same. I also just found a 'slightly used' Motu 828MK3 for around $499.00. The 1st 2 are a lot less 'expensive' but i am a little nervous about the 828 being open boxed, etc.

My uses are recording guitar, bass and vocals into logic 9 here while we record drums at our practice space using a digi02 and a symtec. These are just for demos but IF we get a once in a life time take i would like to be able to use the track for the 'real' recording. My firebox has treated me well and i even scored a couple of national (super bowl) commercials using it believe it or not. luck was on my side wink.gif. I was just thinking with my new Logic set up I might as well get a newer pre amp to go along with it. I know many of you have super extreme studios with lots of gear but i would like an all in one sort of ad/da preamp to make things nice and easy. So, my question to you good people is; which of the 3 above mentioned products would you purchase if you were in the market?

Thanks for taking the time to read this... im a little spun from a full day recording so i apologize if i have left anything out.

20 Oct 2009
Hi all, just recently purchased the new snow leopard and logic 9 for my 2.6 dual quad monster (early Jan 08). I also purchased a 1.5tb drive for the os and all of my programs and then wiped and used the old os (stock) drive in bay #2. Anyway, i was wondering if i am doing this correctly. I have heard numerous options and configurations such as 1 drive for OS another for programs and yet another for audio. I think as long as i am not reading and writing from the same drive i should be ok but just wanted to ask other's opinions and suggestions. I have also heard of some folks using yet another drive for their samples etc. Please let me know how you have YOUR system configured, i am always up for learning why some people prefer a to b. etc. Hope all is well.

20 Jun 2009
Hello all,

I know others out there are using wacoms and in photoshop i have them all turned off as they get in the way of hot keys on the keyboard as the tablet is in front of the keyboard. I know some folks have great use for the tablet buttons in both pshop and Logic so my question is is what do you have your buttons set up for and the slider too please. I was wondering if there was anything that would help my workflow that someone is doing that i haven't thought of or found the need for. so, please fill me in.


13 Apr 2009
Hey all, question: Now that i have a beast of a machine and don't need a portable (and really unreliable) D/A convertor anymore (Presonus firebox) I was thinking of getting a new and more robust and MORE RELIABLE I/O box. I have read that the PCIE cards take a lot of the strain off of the processor and are generally more stable than their fw400 and usb2.0 brethren. Can someone please tell me since i have a 'decent' rig now (3.0 Dual Quad January 08 Mac Pro) which units have you with similar set ups been running? I like the 896 and the ensemble which are both firewire but if anyone is running a pci or pcie system please let me know your experiences.


Just to be fair to the firebox and to let you know what my issue is with it; it seems to be losing connection with my tower and needs to be 'reset' at least once a day... BUMMER. Some users have said they have been experiencing the same issues...
31 Mar 2009
Hello friends... So, after being a total ass and using my system drive to record audio on for the last couple of months i have decided to get the most out of my machine and my recording process. Here is what i was thinking (and PLEASE tell me what your PERSONAL experience has been with your congfig):

I wanted to purchase a 1Tb seagate drive and use as my audio drive and keep the 300+ system drive in tact while dropping a 500 gig drive in the 3rd slot for samples while keeping my itunes and pictures on an external (FW800). Recently a suggested i make the 1Tb drive my boot drive, the 500 gb drive for my audio, and my 300 + for samples and pictures of brian eno, wait... what?

I know there are tons of options (and threads) regarding this very subject but, today, how are your machines working with your personal set ups whatever they may be.

Thank you so much for reading this novella, it is much appreciated.

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