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Singer/guitarist/writer/producer. love macs, hate pc's.
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9 Sep 2004
has anyone experienced an occassional playback distortion with PTLE on an Mbox?
I simply stop and start again and it usually goes away so it's not a major problem just a pain in the a...

Dual 1.25 G4 (last model before G5).....OS 10.3.4......PT USB hub or external clocking.

I've tried installing all the 'CS' updates but it still occurs. There's no way you could miss it or work with it as it really garbles the audio playback.
I've got used to it now...just hit the space bar a couple of times...but when u hit record and are in 'the zone' for a vocal it can be a real pain.

anyone had this or got any ideas?

thanks, bjkiwi
19 May 2004
Does anyone know if there is any way of transferring plugin settings from a Protools TDM session to an LE session.

e.g. If I've done some work in a TDM studio and want to use some cool plugin settings in my LE home studio (assuming I've got the same plugins), how do I import them into the LE plugins?

It seems that .xps are TDM plugin settings and .tfx are LE plugin settings. Is this correct?

How do I import the settings from one to the other?

thanks, bjkiwi
12 Feb 2004
maybe I've missed something here but I can't seem to find how to turn the input monitoring off in pro tools LE. I'm running an M-Box on a G4 and I have an external desk (mackie 1402) that I use for monitoring the signals I'm recording, so I don't want to monitor the input signal being recorded through protools. But when I do 'drop-ins' I have to manually change the channel fader in protools so I can hear the track up till the drop in point but then turn it down so I don't hear the signal being recorded coming back through protools and creating a echo/double track effect due to the latency.
I understand the latency effect and also the concept of different fader levels for record/playback in protools, however, when dropping in, the already recorded track is played back at the record fader level when the track is put into record ready and hence the input is monitored when I push record... am I making sense? seems to me the already recorded music that I'm dropping in on should play back at the playback fader level and then I can just leave the record fader level I still making sense?
I'm an old cubase user that's seen the light but cubase had a feature called 'global disable' that turned the input monitoring off specifically for this purpose. Man, I have to say the 1st thing u notice is how much better protools sounds!
... now if I can only suss this monitoring dilemma

any thoughts and ideas welcome. thanx, bjkiwi
16 Jan 2004
Can anybody help me get some patches I've downloaded into my Roland D50? The patches are all .D50 and .SYX. I've got Cubase 5.1 on a G4 running OS9.2 but cubase doesn't want to know about importing them.
Do I need a seperate editor/librarian or a special program to be able to dump them via midi into the D50? if so where can I get it?
any help is greatly appreciated. thanks, bjkiwi
21 Dec 2003
Has anyone any idea why audio files recorded in pro tools LE (saved as 24bit .aifs) won't import into cubase and seem to be generic documents on my desktop? 'Get info' in the finder says it's a 'document' and not an aif.
I'm running cubase VST 32/5 on OS 9.2. (I know this is the OSX forum but I thought I might find an answer here.)
The interesting thing is that Quicktime will open them and play them and Spark XL will also import and play them.
Quicktime describes the file as a '24-bit integer, mono, 44.1kHz, 16 bits' file. Spark XL sees it as a 24 bit aif.
I've got around the problem by batch processing the files in Spark but can't figure out why cubase doesn't import it as is (and the finder thinks it's only a 'document') but Quicktime and Spark will.
I've tried rebuilding the desktop and even just renaming the file .aif but no changes
Any ideas?
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