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I'm a singer/songwriter and I'm trying to be a better producer.
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30 Nov 2003
Hi Guys!

Another stupid (?) question is coming from me rolleyes.gif

I am currently back on my old version of Logic 4.8 that is working fine.
I am trying to connect my Audity and...
- it is connected through the Fastlane midi-interface and the midiclock indicates that there is communication
- it is connected to the MOTU 828 by two pair of stereojacks from the Audity to channel 5-6 on the back of the MOTU
When I play a recorded midisignal from it the MOTU indicates lights in on channel 5-6 but nothing out...

Now....Is it supposed to be as a plug-in in Logic or as a multi instrument...?
In my OMS setup I have put it up as a new device connected through midichannels 1-2 but it keep saying that those channels are already in use and that it might interfare with the other connections... huh.gif
When I first connected it to the midiinterface I put the midicable in "B in" but then I got no light indication of communication. When I moved it to "B out" the lights flashes as they are supposed to do...
I have a midikeyboard that I use for the ESX and the other software synths and samplers and there is communication between the Audity and the keyboard through the midi-interface.
So...again....should I put the Audity up as an instrument or a midi-instrument in Logic...?

I hope I have been clear enough for you to understand my problem...
Anyone...? Help...?

"I've been so lonely in my sadle since my horse died..."
12 Nov 2003
Hi guys!
Finally I uploaded my operation system to OSX....Jaguar. Then I had to upgrade Logic too so I have just uploaded Logic 6.2. It all looks good but I can't hear a thing.
I have upgraded the Motu driver and it is there, I imported one of my songs from "old" Logic, imported the keykommands and it looks good but I hear no sound whatsoever!! angry.gif
What have I forgot to do...?I sure hope nothing is wrong now after spending an entire day upgrading stuff... blink.gif

Pleazzze, anyone have any tips...?

I seem to have lost my singing smilie too huh.gif( Is it the forum or Netscape 7....?

sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
16 Oct 2003
Hi guys!
Just want to share my happiness with someone who can understand it.
I have been saving money for sooo long now and finally....
Dynaudio BM6 A is MINE biggrin.gif

I instantly heard what's needed on my mixes. A new world of music is now in front of me cool.gif

"Oh happy days, Oh happy days..."
20 Sep 2003
Hi smile.gif
I have been looking for the EMU Audity her in Norway for four years, but no one has it or wants to sell it. I did find it on but they don't ship it out of the U.S.
I guess I have to look for something similar to Audity.
How's the EMU Proteus 2000...?

Any tips anyone...? huh.gif

"Help, I need somebody..."
7 Apr 2003
Ooops ! Just saw another thread with the same question, ...sort of.

My question is how to connect, or more right said , get the sounds on the cassette from my Portastudio over to my G4 through the MOTU..?
I cleaned the cellar yesterday and found my old tapes.... biggrin.gif

"With a little help from my friends..."
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