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2 Oct 2009
Hi everyone

So if I need a new MBP and I have 2 FW external hard drive and a FW soundcard with just one FW 800 port
no express card............
So what a hell should I do????? blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

Please if anyone has any suggestion


I'm an active musician,I'm always on tour so the 17" MBP is too big for me
25 Feb 2009
Help Please

I have the new macbook pro and I've got an expresscard with 2 FW 400 and 1 Usb port.
I would like to buy the apogee duet what needs the power from the FW port what the expresscard doesn't have. On my Fw 800 is running my external hard drive.
My question is ,can I use a general power supply what can give 12 V or do I need a special one?

I'm a touring musician and I'm in the UK right now and I didn't find anyone how could give me the answer.
In London in the main Apple store they even didn't know what is the the Oxford Chipset blink.gif .................... anyway.

Thanks everyone

27 Feb 2007
Hi everyone

I need to buy an external hard drive.I'm living in Italy,the enclosure (the best what I found ) pleiades.
The question is wich one.
ATA or SATA?????????
Makes really different for us (for music) or the ATA is more than sufficent????
And wich ATA drive???????The cache is important????
The difference of the price beetwen the ATA and SATA it's not that much.

I dont use to much of tracks,max 40.I'm composing,I'm not a sound engenier.

Thanks a lot guys
26 Apr 2005
I know,maybe here stupid to ask this but.......................

I'm using line6 pod xt and <i'm looking for a active speaker for that.Of course portable
The guitar amps are not really useful because those are coloring the sound.

Any suggestion or anything

Thanks guys
25 Feb 2005
I would like to know something about RME fireface.
Please tell me everything what you know about it.
I want to have a high quality of interface (already what doesn't break my balls) and I don't know anything about RME.
What they wright about it looks like not bad.

Thanks guys
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