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Computer based recording with a background in analog synth,Dedicated to synthpop, power electronica as well as other forms of electronic music. Recently join a couple of friend to create and maintain a Power Electorica/Noise Record label based out of Minneapolis.... The name.... You Lose Records
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27 Jan 2005
I am looking at getting a new set of monitors.
Right now I have a pair of Alesis monitor ones. These things are crap and the tweeters need work and I don't want to deal with it.

I have listened to the KRK V6 monitors at a local store. I liked them but listening to them in the store is different from my studio.

I read a monitor review in Future Music that stated they were good for "Ronck Muic".

I am doing electronic music and do not need monitors that are good for rock music.

I have been happy with the price of the V6s.

I was wonderig if any one had any experence with theses monitors on an electronic music level. especiacally analog.

Thanks in advance

Synth3tik biggrin.gif
11 Nov 2004
I am planning on starting a Mac User Group in my area. The group would deal with Macs and music excusively.

I was wondering if any one had any pointer, some does and donn't beyond what can be found on the Apple website.

The group will be in the Minneapolis Minneasota area in case any is interested.
11 Nov 2004
A friend of mine that seems to be very good at getting every bit of life out of his B&W G3 asked me an interesting question.

If he get his hands on a G4 mother board (he has an odd ability to get computers and parts) can he with moding the mounting screws be able to have a G4?

I know the hard drives and the CD drive wont be a problem, The things I don't know about though are the power supply and the video card.

He has an amazing ability to make stuff work:

He over clocked the processer for 350 to 500 and mounted an extra cooling fan under the CD drive to help with cooling. he bought an internal CD R/W from me and ran power and data cables out of an extra PCI slot. So I have no worries that he will mess any thing up. I just don't know about the Power and Video. Fireware shouldn't be a problem since only the case will be G3
9 May 2004
Recently a couple of friends of mine decided to start a power noise label based out of Minneapolis. Currently we are looking for bands to put on our first compilation due to be released at the end of the summer. Of course there will be more to follow. So far we have a pretty good band list going, including some well known acts that want to release a side project on the label. If any one is interested just let me know, and I will be able to pass the music on to the others.

Synth3tik[LPM: Don't ever put your email in full in the forums, it is indexable so bots can spy it hence spam]
26 Mar 2003
So This is a problem but not as important as they can get. I run OS 10.2.4 and my iTunes wont load. It comes up with a can not open library file because it is not a valid library.
Now I have no problems in OS9. I have tried even fully erasing every iTunes file I could find but same thing. I have tried re installing the 10.2.4 update. Please Help me
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