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22 Nov 2005

A few more dumb questions here. I've got an AKAI Z4 and although I understand what the original note is, the note needed to play back the sample at the original pitch, I would like to know how to edit it. I see no reference to it in either aksys or the manual. I have some samples with note names as a suffix, does this mean that original key info is embedded in the wavs? If I drop a wav into the sampler, I presume if it's fresh it has no original key info, how does the akai deal with that? C3 as default? Does this mean then, that as a rule I should drop a sample onto c3 and then extend the keygroup up and down from that point? Lets say I want to record a bass guitar into the z4 and end up with 1 note per key, starting with the low E, do I have to edit the orig key info on the record page for every note, performing an offset calculation to ensure that the E in the keyboard plays the right E in the sampler? Seems like hard work, I tried to use the auto keygrouping thing, but I had so may false triggers as the note decayed, it was pointless. Does anyone here have a solution for the false triggering, it seems to just be a very crude noise gate type of system.

Regards, Nick.
13 Nov 2005
Hi there.

is it the case that i can I can install multiple m audio 2496 cards into my Mac and get more digital inputs? Does the controller software keep them all in sync or do I have to link all the ins and outs, losing the extra ins?

Regards, Nick.
13 Nov 2005
I've got this behringer bcr 2000 thing and it's hooked up to Live on my Mac like a dream. My question is though, how do I use it to control other stuff on the same comp? If I switch to SX, so that Live is in the background I presume Live will still be connected to it. Do I have to use another preset and ensure that there are no controllers in common between the two setups? The manual seems to be written by the Mekons. Can the Bcr be used to control aksys or my Z4? How do I ensure separation for that?

Regards, Nick.
13 Nov 2005
Hi all.

Excuse my ignorance but I've got a Yamaha An1x, a Novation Nova and a Korg 05rw, and I would like to know if there is anything about any of these that my Akai z4 can't emulate with a few crafty waveforms and some tweaking?

Thanks Nick.
10 Jan 2005
I have an Akai S2000 and mesa, I have saved all my akai programs and they have the extension .sp . I was under the impression that the Z4 would import them via aksys and everything would be rosy, but I find that this isn't the case. I can change the extension to .akp and get the programs into the Z4 but it forgets the samples even if I drop them in at the same time. Tell me I'm a dummy and show me what to to.

Regards, Nick..
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