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The Guitar God

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Young guitarist in unsigned band called NV
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Born Dec 2, 1990 (27 years old)
LS299ER Stepaside
United Kingdom
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28 Aug 2005
Is there any software for OS X that allows you rip the soundtrack off a DVD and convert it to mp3? If so can someone point me in the right direction?
16 Aug 2005
i was wondering what is the best way of getting my guitar into my eMac usig the Audio Input on the computer. Would putting my guitar into my 30 watt amp and then into my computer overload it? If so, would I be able to put my guitar straight into it using Guitar Rig as an amp?
10 Jul 2005
I am lookng for a good C++ compliler for Mac OS X, anyone got any ideas 'cause I have no idea what's worth the dosh and what's not huh.gif
16 Apr 2005
For a music assesment this term we need to write a 'Pop' song using Cakewalk on the cheapest windows computers i have ever seen. blink.gif

We can only use the keyboards that are already plugged into them. And i was wondering if i could record my guitar on GarageBand and then put my guitar part into Cakewalk and dub it with keyboardds in school. If so what filetype does Cakewalk open and/or save in.

Thanks! 8)
13 Apr 2005
Did anyon see the programme 'The Gadget Show' the other day on 'Bravo' i think it was on.

Any way they apparently told you how to right a best-selling record and you actually only need to sell 3500 to get to number 1 in the download charts! It may seem like loads but in perspective to the 'official' charts it is a miniscule fraction of the sales. And you need only 1000 to get into the top ten!

But the only problem is that you acyualy need a download site such as Napster or iTunes to accept you after that its just playing the waiing game.

So what are we waiting for.....get out there and start writing songs! biggrin.gif
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