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Solo Jazz Guitarist...also many combo stuff and with jazz bands. Mostly jazz, but have played practically anything and willing to lay down something.
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Born Oct 2, 1987 (33 years old)
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23 Jul 2005
Hey there. I am only interested in developing programs and effects for music... so I don't want to study a language that doesn't use this. I plan to go strictly mac, and use Logic software - so what kind of porgrams are there to learn to use/edit and what are the main programming languages out there that one can use for music? Also, I want to be able to create Audio Unit effects and other mac-related music effects/software - what are the main langauges for that? I'll get started with those langauges in mind... and if anyone has a great starting place for me; please let me know.

As always - thanks a bunch!
23 Jul 2005
Well, I am thinking about condensing my gear (because I play mainly blues and jazz now, without much effects) and the new hardware coming out seems really enticing for studio gigs where I can go from one style to another in a flash. I'd hate to get rid of my gear, but as times change - I think it's becoming obsolete.

Have any of you had Mac-compatible good reviews of things like NI Guitar Rig, Line 6 POD and other POD-related gear out there now, or any others that I don't know of? Right now I have a Pedal Pad with a line 6 delay modeler, wireless setup (Which I wouldn't get rid of), a Ernie Ball volume pedal, Dunlop Wah pedal, a BOSS chorus and flanger pedal, and a Digitech Whammy Pedal. What do you suggest I do? Should I just add an amp emulator to end out the setup so that I don't spend too much, or get a rack POD modeler. I'd like to have something that I can upgrade via the USB stuff like I see Line 6 can do. Are there any other options?

As always... thanks
11 May 2005
Well... I have the opportunity to turn the 3 to 4 year old Windows XP desktop into a general file server that I could record to. Is there any information on this? I was thinking of using the hard drives on there along with Gigabyte Ethernet to have a disk to record to for certain projects. Do I have to format the drives for Mac OS X? How do I find out if this is possible? Is there an online tutorial to have a use for the old desktop that mom and dad replaced with their laptop?
26 Dec 2004
The problem I am having is noise that the computer is making when the firewire is plugged into it with the Firepod. When the power cord isn't plugged into the computer, the noise ceases but when I plug the firepod into it in any combination of the firewire outs, etc I get this noise. This noise stops for a second when I click on something or other wierd actions like that.

Anyone have a solution?
11 Dec 2004
I know that the two are completely different, and monitors are so that you can get a great basis to mix on for all... but I was wondering what a suggestion would be, and if my computer sound was routed to the monitors (could this be done through FirePod interface?) to listen to iTunes stuff... would it sound great or like crap?

I am on a Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz and I plan to record live situations and studio situations of jazz combos and solo performance, so I plan to record everything at once, but I want to have monitors to reference this to, in real time (because I don't plan to use many effects, except maybe something for mixdown) so, for a jazz recording, is there a specific kind you suggest? Could they be also used to listen to music from the computer, or would they sound bad? Any suggestions would help. Thanks
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