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Guitarists of many genres (rhoads, coctue twins, J.Beck+), Logic Audio / pro Tools user
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27 Nov 2002
KONTAKT vs.ESX24mkii

KONTAKT rocks so good that emagic and there users seem to be shaken by the features to finaly come to the virtuel desktop, i had been slammed, slandered and removed from posts when i mention why the esx24mkii does not time stretch and tune yet?

What kind of company is emagic when they claim to provide un compromisable features to set revelutionary standards when some of there manual wrriters and translaters at the logic forums snap to competitors surprising developements, im not surprised at NI at all.

So i post here to hear what more honest users would have to say about emagics disspointing esx24mkii and what they rather have as features, one member did speak out at the logic forums and a great idea would be that a on/off swicth between time stretch and expansion to not allow the esx24mkii to hog up memory, and that would be acceptable if thats why emagic excused this feature for..

but for me either way, a sampler should record, lay out (keyboard) time/stretch and pitch correct samples at your desire or just buy a plug sound to do the rest.

And pelase let not forget, a nice more tolerant and flexible staff and better graphics helps, after all we evolved now from the stone ages.
1 Oct 2002
••I like to TIME stretch per sample (like loops)
••I like to change the Pitch of a sample with out changing the time and leignth
••I like to have the best quality possible, accurate playback.
••I would like full automation on all p-rameters of filters etc.
••I would like more formts as possible, CD Xtract does it fo now.
••I would like a simple and easy interface, key zone layout and graphics.
••more instances ofcourse and multi outs.

I have used the esx24 for 2 years now, i created a excellent 12GIG library of sounds i use more then any sample cds i still try to get to improve it.
I have been sampling since PUBLIC ENEMY's Eric Shockly has been tweaking AKAIS S900 mono out samplers in the 80s and i swore by the esx24 and thought its future would intergrate emu and roland de emphesis but still no luck ; / .

Basically i have over 85 songs with esx24 sample instances and trapped if i never got a esx24 like lots of people that have to go threw the KeyCode gestapos in GERMANY.

AND NOW?; i waited for Kotakt mac and emagic moves to there new audio units, i got kontakt Mac finaly and ofcourse its a vst app, what the hell is going on in this biz next NO ONE KNOWS!!!

So what am i going to do next, learn kontakt????, seems like its a great sampler but not easy after getting used to a esx24.

Also i JUST heard the esx32/64 is around the corner in oct.2002 and it has been improved XTREAMLY to justify a KONTAKT corssgrade to this audio unit sampler.

So my question to those SAMPLE GARUS is?
What do you guys think about KONTAKT?,

Is it better off continuing with the esx24/32/64 whatever the next hype is, or is vst a bad investment, and if so please let me know why you think KONTAKT is so important to start loading a library and its chances of been the one and only sampler in the future?

Will KONTAKT support audio units?
Can KOTANKT do the ultimate JOB?

4 Aug 2002
I traveld around the world, and every country i go to sais th same crap, here its the best life and no where you will find grass more green then ours, (forget it) i heard all the liars and greedy politicians that want you to stay in that country, with out you they dont have a country and would not be RICh or in power, look at austria & china and what they did to isolate there people living there...atleast in america you realy do have a choice to stay or leave..

the article here does not help young french artists to be...any american can write better article based on the advise needed for a young person starting music in there country..thats right THERE country....and there limitations.

i say all this cuase every person that got a free copy od DP3 is a sucker in france, motu made a expensive effort to fool the french public with a crapy DP3 demo, DP3 is NOT as expandable and more limited then CUBASE (the icon of VST) By the way? unless you getthe MACKIE 8 BUS its just like cakewalk...

So please state the list like its should be by the satisfied users rather then lies like DP3 is used by PROS? realy who? i got a free copy in NY at BMG/Arista records when i worked inside there offices and studios once and i ((((left it there))))...
so who actualy finished a record that hit charts or blew minds of electronic and sound engineers on DP3... im sick of the DP3 french SCANDEL....everybody wants to fool france like if they are stupid, try your software and if you like it then talk....

the list goes like this..


thats how it shows world wide to me???
I have endoursed copies, purchased them and i own a studio in NY nd FRANCE, all i can say is i have all these apps and my list reflects the expandabilities (meaning) do more for less.. in the long run apple may seem expensive and the mac has MORE SOFTWARE then PC too, but hey you get a DAW!!!! hands down....anything you use on a mac should do the job, DP3 is just a start too but the habits i have seen from dp3 realy make a engineer turn there stomach..
Oh did i forget all the pros use APPLE?
27 Jun 2002
did anyone go to the EMAGIC LOGIC OSX SHOW in PARIS?
i mised it -here is the invite in french=
Emagic France, MOTU et Apple France organisent pour vous deux journées portes ouvertes.
Dans un cadre et une ambiance chaleureuse, vous pourrez essayer et découvrir les dernières nouveautés Emagic et MOTU sur Mac.
Vous découvrirez en avant-première mondiale Logic Platinum 5 Mac OS X!
Vous découvrirez également :
-Les pilotes MT4/Unitor8 mkII et amt8 MacOS X
-Le pilote Core Audio de l’EMI 26 pour Mac OS X
-L’EVB3 : le futur B3 selon Emagic (100% modélisé)
-L’EVD6 : le futur Clavinet D6
16 postes Imac G4 seront en libre accès pour essayer vous-même
Logic Platinum ou Logic audio BIG BOX!
Nous vous attendons avec impatience les 22 et 23 Juin 2002!
Palais des Congrès de Paris
Métro : Porte Maillot
Samedi : 12H-18H-Dimanche 11H-17H
En participant aux démonstrations,
vous pourrez gagner :
1-Logic Audio
1-Digital Performer
5-Plugsound vol
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