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I'm English but live in Germany. I'm studying computing and I'm working on getting a four track demo together
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Born Sep 10, 1971 (47 years old)
80336 München
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31 Jul 2004
What kind of hard drive is quickest (best) for audio?

  • Ultra-wide-SCSI
  • Firewire
  • USB 2.0
  • other
22 Jun 2004
I presently have a 2 in/ 2 out sound card from emagic and I am looking around for an upgrade. I need an 8 in 8 out card lwith an external AD/DA converter ike the MOTU mk2/3 or the Aardvarkq10 etc etc. - the reason being, I'd like to record drums with a track per mic. (as you can imagine, trying to record drums on just two tracks is hard work)

However, I'm trying to imagine just what I would need. I have a 16 track, analogue, mixing desk with 4 subgroups. How would I connect to a breakout box? Would you normally go via the subs or take a direct out from each individual tracks? How do people who have bigger desks than mine (i.e. 8 subs or more) do this?

I'd be grateful for any advice concerning just how to connect the desk with the external converters (or would you just go straight into the converters?) and particularly any recommendations for semi-pro quality sound cards (I'll probably buy it second hand so recommendations for cards that are no longer available or older models are also welcome)

PS - I need at least one digital in/out if anyone is thinking of suggesting a specific card
3 Jun 2004
A singer says she has a very loud voice & thinks this will cause problems when she comes to record in my studio.

I have a Nuemann TLM 103, an AKG Solidtube, a Sennheiser 421, a Shure SM57 and a kick drum/Tuba/bass mic

Does anyone reading this think it really could be a problem?
25 May 2004
has anyone used an AKG Solid Tube microphone? I've been offered one for 600 Euro and I'd be grateful for any comments or opinions on this mic.
19 Apr 2004
some synths have a lot of hiss on them and when I compress the signal (out of necessity for the song) I naturally increase the hiss.

Is there any way to reduce the hiss when using a synth through an analogue desk and could it be my desk that's at fault - it's a Behringer MX2542A
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