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27 Mar 2005
Hi Everybody ,I use digital perfomer with my MIDI music in my studio but I now intend to play live using an old sequencer that I bought as a bargain but I have found a big problem to solve,Imagine the folowing scenario :

I have an Alesis QS8 , a Roland JV880, Roland SC880 on my midi setup and when working on computer everything is ok , but on a hardware sequencer is not that easy the problem is which MIDI COMAND I have to use in my external sequencer to tell that a specific MIDI track should play a patche on JV880 and another track should play SC880 . I know it is so simple but I can not remender how to do this. Anyone on earth could help me ? Is it a control change ? or sysex??

Cheers to all of you.

I will be waiting for this help.

9 Feb 2005
Hi Guys ,
The so powerfull software and number one in the universe negleted about MIDI and it seems that protools was made only to record AUDIO , And so what ? They failed to implent the MIDI in such a terrible way that makes us to think about giving up the software. Even softwares that cost an insignificant value makes it better concerning MIDI patch names. such us METRO . What is up folks at DIGIDESIGN , WHAT'S UP ??? so in my desperate search for .midnam for my sound modules I ended up paying US$12.95 for guy called Guido Diaz which is selling .midnam on his site: but I was looking for Roland SC880 .midnam and it did not come although this guy sells a lot of others . But the main questions is where are the people at digidesign ? What are they doing? IF SOMEONE KNOWS WHERE CAN I FIND ROLAND SC880 .midnam that really works PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
CHEERS. angry.gif
30 Jan 2005
Hello !!!!!
Does anyone knows where can I find old synth ,sampler , sequencer manuals on the web?
Thanks a lot folks.
2 Dec 2004
Hi , Does anyone help me to find my MIDI devices on Logic? The manual says you have to create an enviroment but I wonder how can I find my JV880 which is on my AUDIO MIDI SETUP on my computer which should appear on my MIDI Tracks on logic. I can see all pacthes and the synth on Protools but can not find them on logic, Any help ?
14 Nov 2004
Hello, How can I setup my sound module patch nameīs on OSX ,I used to use galaxy librarian on OS9 , but now Iīve upgraded to osX and donīt know about it , ANY HELP?
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