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Chris C.L

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Born June 3, 1972 (51 years old)
TW148PE London
United Kingdom
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15 Jul 2006

I rescently had to rearange my partitions due to a misscalculation in how much size my system drive needed to be.
All data was stored on an external drive and then brought back in after partitioning. On my non system drives the data is messed with. Some files are locked as in its only accesable to someone elses login. Other files if i try to sae into them it sais I dont have the permissions and have to type in my password to authenticate. Lastly tobay i tried to run a library program to transfer ome midi data into a hardware synth and i get
There is a problem accessing the SysEx files folder "/Volumes/Library/librarian files".
The folder's privileges do not allow writing.

I would be very greatfull if someone knows what the problem here is, its doing my head in.
9 Mar 2006
Trying to do my weekly maintanance but verify+repair permissions stop part way through. I get this message- Disk utility error disk has lost its conection with the disk management Tool and cannot continue. Please quit and try again.

I have quit tried again, restarted computer and this still happens. Any got any idea how to solve this?
20 Feb 2006
I have a G4 i-mac and useing the standard keyboard that came with it. Every now and then I am having to prise the space bar up with a knife as it gets stuck.
Can I remove the keys to give them a clean?
4 Nov 2005
I want to run a few tests to see how various host demo's cope with both VSTi's and AU's.
Is there a utility either on my mac(G4 i-mac OS10.3.9) or that I can download to measure how much processing power I am useing?
24 Oct 2005
I am using cubas SE and need to upgrade. My mac finds cubase hard work. I always thought Logic would be worse but I am not so sure now.

Has any one here got either cubase + logic or cubase + live 5 on their mac?
If so do you find one of these to be lighter on the CPU than the other?

Any advice would be welcomed as a sequencer chance is a big step.
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