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9 Mar 2005
Not really a question, but since I spent hours googling and couldnt find a reference to getting sysex midi into a Behringer V-apire lx 112 digital guitar amp, heres the info for any of you mac musos who found this post.

Yes you can get the patches from the Vamp tone library ( into you Vamp or vampire guitar amp. Even tho Behringer dont make a patch library for mac, you can do it with Sysex Librarian 1.0.4

I have a g4 500 with a M-Audio midiman 1x1, hooked up to a Vampire LX112 guitar amp.
Make sure apples core midi driver can see the USB to midi interface.
Then connect 2 (not one) midi cables in/out, and set the vamp to edit>midi.
You might need to set the amps midi channel to 1. Use Sysex to 'play' the patch, and then exit edit on the amp and save (see the amp manual).

I hope this makes you happy and saves you the 6 hrs that it took me. Im also gonna tell Behringer to make mention that mac can be used with Vamp. Intelligent fellows said 'we have no intention of providing a mac patch library' but didnt tell me there was already a free one out there.
14 Mar 2004
Thanks to all who recommended metro so highly. Ive checked out the demo and Im impressed. Goodbye to cubase and StudioVisionPro.

My first priority is to make use of my Audiomedia 3 pci sound card that has been sitting around since I went to an imac and did midi only.Im ready to upgrade my hardware.

Im considering a g4 400 tower and maybe putting in a decent second HD. Will this setup work well with metro? I dont know much about ASIO drivers. I aslo run a Roland sound canvas and midiman 1x1 usb interface.

Next question, should I stick with os9 or should I run osx with this speed processor? I only use 3-4 tracks of audio, as I mainly use midi for composing.

If I only do basic audio, does this mean the cheaper metro se will work fine for me on both os9 and osx?

12 Mar 2004
Problem- No midi input. The app doesnt seem to know the midi is connected.

Imac 400 with os9.2
Studio Vision Pro 4.5 (freeware version)
OMS 2.3.8
Mididman 1x1 usb connector
Roland sound canvas 50
Roland pc200 keyboard

OK, Ive just loaded SVP 4.5 (and Acadia) and it cant hear the input.
Tested OMS and it works fine. Output of random noise works on the Sound Canvas, and when I play keys, the mac says "midi received", so OMS is working. I checked setup, enable input devices
Set instruments and patches OK. Set midi thru and nothing happens.
Enable record track and it counts off but doesn’t hear me play the keys. Aaaargh.
If I paste notes in the track, I can hear them played back thru the Sound Canvas, so output is fine.
Just no input from keys. Remapped, and renamed all instruments. Played around with lots of different oms setups.
I only use midi on this machine, no audio.
Any ideas?
All tips greatly appreciated.

Im a long time user of SVP 3.5 on os 8. Incidentally, cubase vst 32 5.0 runs OK on this 0s 9.2 machine with the same setup, but cubase is too buggy for me. ProTools Free runs ok. So its not the cables either. Yes I used a different OMS setup for each app, so it wasn’t that either.

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