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Guitarist, songwriter just getting into digital recording
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2 Oct 2004
I'm looking for good preamp for my M-box since the amp provided with the M are so weak.

I've been looking at the Focusrite Platnium Twin Trak ($600), Trak Master ($400), Penta ($400). As well as the Presonus Eurek ($600) and MP20 ($500).

Does anyone use any of these? If so what do you think of the product? Any other preamps any the same price range? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

28 May 2004
I'm working with a Mbox (PowerBook G4 1Gig) and have found the mic preamps to be weak! I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of a good dual channel preamp that I could use with the Mbox. I would prefer something with tubes to add warmth. I'm not sure of budget restraints, but just for the fun of it let's say $200-$500.

1 May 2004
I was wondering if anyone has a Rolls Bellari RP 503. It's a cheap ($200 US) mic preamp with compression. I just wanted to know if it was any good, and kind of get a feel for it.

I'm look for a preamp for a B-1.

17 Mar 2004
I'm in the market for an affordable mic preamp. I would say between $200-$300. I use and M-Box to record, but the preamps are way to weak.

Anyone have some suggestions?

17 Mar 2004
I know this is a stupid question, but I'll throw it out there because I can't seem to resolve my problem. I've finished a couple of songs in ProTools 6.2 on a G4 PB Ti and want to burn them to CD. I've done the "bounce to disk" thing in both WAV and AIF formats. However, I want to burn these songs to CD so I can play them on a regular CD player.

I thought I could use ITunes and import the songs and then burn them to CD. But ITunes won't recognize the files. What am I doing wrong? I tried putting the files directly to CD and playing them, but that doesn't work either.

Can anyone throw me a bone here?

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