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Just learning about digital recording on my Mac. Still have a lot to learn, especially the jargon and the seemingly convoluted way in which recording software seems to work!
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22 Jul 2004
I've been playing with the Tracktion demo and have recorded a few little multitrack things. I recorded a simple 3 track piece with guitar (2 tracks) and vocals (1 track) that lasted a total of 12 bars (27 seconds). The default tempo is 120 bpm. Let's say I wanted to have it at 160 bpm. How do I accomplish this without affecting the key/pitch of the instrument and vocals? Is it possible with Tracktion? Is it possible with other multitrack recording software?

I did change the tempo but all it did was change the scale at the top of how many bars long the song was. Playing the song back was exactly the same tempo (120 bpm). I tried changing the tempo using the pitch/tempo button, but it also made the tracks higher in pitch, as well as faster. They were also out of sync.

Anyone with experience with this program that knows how to do this simply? Thanks!
30 Jan 2004
Wanting to make decent multi-track recordings at home with my own music equipment and software and computer. I have an iMac 600 MHz with 512 MB of RAM and I'm running OS 10.2.8. I have the Audiophile USB sound interface. Would want to record music with vocals or without sometimes. Would like to be able to burn to standard CD format (AIFF). Thanks for voting, and thanks for any additional comments!
12 Jan 2004
I'm just getting into the fascinating world of digital music recording. My wife and I play music together for small and large group things. I would like to be able to add some fullness to our sound by creating our own accompaniment CD's so that we can play along with a "full band", so to speak.

I just got the M-Audio Audiophile USB and it came with a "lite" version of Ableton DELTA Live. I've played around with it some and have recorded a couple of things. I find it rather complicated for what I'm doing, as I think it is more of a looping/sequencing instrument that just happens to have recording capabilities. I also find it frustrating to get sound consistently in and out of the program as I seem to have to quit and restart the program for it to recognize that I have an audio input for it. But this may be beside the point because I think it is not the right program for what I want to do.

I have hear a little about a shareware program for OS X called Jasmine. I see that I can download a demo of it. Does anyone have any experience with this program? Basically what I want to do is to plug in my bass, guitar, keyboard, drum machine, maybe some backing vocals, and record them on different tracks and then make them into an AIFF file that can be burned onto a CD. I want it to be simple and able to produce good digital quality sound. Will Jasmine work for me? Is there another simple and basic program that works in OS X that I should look at?

I'm doing my recording on a 600 MHz iMac, running OS 10.2.8, with 512 MB of RAM.

Thanks for your replies. I know I have much to learn!
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