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Born Feb 9, 1978 (41 years old)
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5 Mar 2004
hi peops, i hope that anyone can help me, my heads about to explode!

i'm djing, hiphop triphop, dope beats, nu breaks, all that make the whole thing funnier and to put some tension in it, i started workin with ableton, no i stand before the seemingly unanswerable question which interface i should buy?!?!
i'm using an apple g4 500mhz powerbook and
i want an audio/midi interface, don't have enough money for the motu 828, so i thought 'bout the emagic a 26 or 62m?(which one is better for my needs?)
i heard that there are lots a problems with m-audio, is that so?
cause otherwise the 410firewire interface would be great, right?

i hope that some brainy dude out there can help me, damn i even participated in a medical experiment to get the money for the interface!!!

peace out el shadid
20 Dec 2003
well shortly said, thats it, i'm looking for a good peer to peer file sharing page for macintosh and of course mac music software.
all those who wanna get on my nerves and tell me what a bad boy i am, should spare their energies, cause i simply don't have the money to buy alll the software i want to have!

but don't worry, any software that i was workin'with for a longer time i bought in the end!

greetz, h
20 Dec 2003
Hi there!

i was just about to buy me the m-audio audiophile usb interface when a local apple dealer told me that the compatibility between a macintosh and any interface except for emagic stuff is null!
is that true?
the real problem here is that the emagic 6/2 interface costs a hundred bucks more than the audiophile interface!

does anybody have experiences, good or bad?
how about this story,does he just want to sell emagic stuff, or is it true?
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