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12 Jan 2011
Salut à tout le monde,

voila une question un peu "off" car concernant la compatibilité des produits on dirait "d´époques passées" (1999) et des macs Intel plus ou moins actuels. Pour vous avertir: ma question concerne une console MACKIE d8b et en même temps une MOTU 2408 mk1.

Actuellement mon collegue et moi on travaille sur le MACKIE d8b , on sort avec des cables optiques vers une MOTU 2408 mk1 et on part en FW via carte pci dans un PPC G4 1,25 Ghz 2 RAM sur OS 10.4.6. , la DAW étant Logic Pro 6.4.3. Jusqu´ici tout a marché ....
Avec le souhait de pouvoir utiliser certains bundles des Waves et autres softwares et avec le temps qui passe vite en matière de dévelopment de processeurs etc. on pense à changer de MAC et de système operationnel. Au choix soit sur un G5 PPC ou Intel MAC.

Est-ce qe qq´un de vous sait si ce set-up restera fonctionnel si on change l´ordinateur? Je sais que pour la MOTU il faudra prendre une carte PCI-xpress mais peut on garder la mk1 en tant qu´interface? Savez vous si sur ce nouveau systeme le signal du d8b arrivera sur le MAc Pro Intel sur 10.5 et dans Logic (8 ou 9)?

Merci de votre aide

14 Feb 2008
hey there,

anyone using / tried these two? what is your experience?
i would use it for mostly live played / live improvised music, so reliability , stability & easy control acces are inportant...!
thanks for your comments

11 Feb 2008
bonjour !

i have the opportunity to purchase a micro express from MOTU for a good price.
thing is: i practically have no experience with MIDI , synths and timecodes etc.
Our PPC is a G4 MDD 2x 1,25 Ghz with 1 GB running 10.3.8 ( 10.4.11 soon)

the purpose would be : using the thing to use 2 to 3 MIDI keyboards at the same time, record in LOGIC Pro 6.4.3 and have the MIDI files to use audio instruments (Logic or NI- synths). also we would like to have the possibility to plug for ex. a synth rack (ex. Yamaha MOTIF or else) , be able to trigger the sounds from the rack via the recorded midi files and bounce audio files in Logic in order to have an audio recording at the end without having any rack plugged.

other issue is that we run a MOTU 2408 mk2 (yes , old one) with a 324 PCI card and downloaded drivers for OS X from the MOTU site. this runs perfectly with the whole system. a MAckie d8b and the G4 - can you tell if there would be any interference with for example drivers or else from the micro express?
does anyone run a motu midi interface in OS 9.2.2 too?

loads of questions...! hopefully someone can help... thanks

greets , milosz
11 Feb 2008
Hi ,

i once read a thread here that having 2 systems on one G4 could make behave the PPC "crazily"... unsure.gif

well: 1.issue would be, that when selecting OS X (OS 10.4.11) as "starting system" in the OS 9.2.2 menu , the computer starts to boot but will not start up until i reset and press ALT+ Apple+ P+ R to reset the parameter RAM. then the OS X boots correctly. is there another possibility in order to avoid the PRAM reset?
(booting on OS 9 from OS X works well)

2.issue: My old version of Logic 4.8.1 will load correctly but when i select either the VST instruments OR even the internal e-magic plug-ins as platinum reverbs or delays the whole thing crashes and i have to reset the computer ... anyone an idea? i tried to reinstall the progs and VST instr. but it won´t work...

thanks for helping!

12 Nov 2007
Hello everyone ,

why am I thinking so much about NOT leaving my old G4 PCI 400 in the corner and buying some fancy G5 Dual whatever to make production music ? It must be love...

To get to the point: ... for now, I´m planning to upgrade the G4 to 1GHZ (Sonnet Encore) and 1,25 GB RAM , run OS 10.4.x (probably 10.4.9) and install LOGIC 8 Express.

Question: do you think - or know - if that´s gonna work?
I heard about a possible incompatibility of the computer and the software - too much differences in technology / software reading? Would Logic 7 work ?

What worked before was running Logic Pro 6.4 (still under the emagic flag) under OS 9.2 on the G4 400Mhz PCI with 512 RAM - except that plug-ins like Space Designer could not display correctly: still they worked.
Well, I would be really glad if someone could help me with the decision...!

Many thanks ,

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