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From experimental and hardly previsible beats to pure catchiness!
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18 Mar 2008

Je suis présentement à la recherche d'une station me permettant de passer d'une paire de moniteurs à une autre sans interruptions.

Il doit y avoir au moins 3 outputs pour une paire active et 2 passive:

KRK RP6 (active)
Dynaudio BM15 (amplifié par un bryston 4b pro)
Yamaha NS-10 (amplifié par un kenwood)

Je prefererais des outputs en XLR ou au minimum en TRS.

J'ai lu dans certaines presentation de station de monitoring que ces dernieres seraient uniquement pour des speakers actifs mais je doute de cela...

ce que j'ai vu jusqu'à maintenant:

ah oui sans oublier le mon800 de behringer...hum tongue.gif

le seul réel candidat me semble être le presonus central station malgré qu'il soit sur outputs TRS...

je suppose qu'il y en à d'autres sur le marché et j'aimerais que vous partagiez votre experience afin d'approfondir les recherches!

merci bcp!!
18 Mar 2008
Bonjour tout le monde! pour faire ça court, je chante dans des groupes depuis plus de 10 ans et ai tjrs écrit mes paroles. Maintenant je me fais demander d'en ecrire pour d'autres groupes mais je ne sais comment leur charger...

des suggestions?

je pense à quelque chose du genre "à la chanson" et je ne m'attends pas à voir le faciès des royalties sur ce coup là!

merci de votre aide!
18 Mar 2008
Hi all!

I'm currently looking for a monitor station to seemlessly switch between 3 speaker set.

2 passive and one active:

KRK RP6 (active)
Dynaudio BM15 (powered by a bryston 4b pro)
Yamaha NS-10 (powered by a kenwood amp)

What I'm looking for is to remain as XLR as possible or at least TRS.

Some monitor stations claims it's for active speakers only but I'm not sure bout that one...

Finally, what i saw until now are:

-presonus central station
-presonus Monitor Station
-Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor Station

and the only one of true interest here is the presonus central station, though it outputs the signal with TRS jacks...

I'm must be missing something somewhere! any experience with some nice monitor station would be very appreciated!

thanks folks!
18 Mar 2008
Hi all! to make it short, i've been in bands for more than 10 years now and have always wrote my own lyrics. Now people from other bands want to buy me some.

How much should i charge? is there any normal rate there?

I'm thinking of a per song fee with no real hopes to see the face of royalties here...

thanks all!
26 Apr 2006
Hi everyone, once again, someone here needs advices before the purchase of a reference monitor pair!

I went onto listening sessions of 3 monitor pairs, I also plan on listening to KRK's models but there was no models in the stores I went today. I'll let you know what my conclusions are on the models I've tried, and I'd love to have feedbacks from users who already heard these monitors to see if I'm on the right track. Feel free to recommend any other brand as well!

yamaha msp5: very effecient, very nice stereo image, very good and tight bass response for the size, non-fatiguing for the ears. 570$ CAD+taxes

wharfedale diamond pro 8.1: very interesting, good stereo image, tight and nice bass response but seems a bit subject to ear fatigue on the high-end. 400$ CAD+taxes

wharfedale diamond pro 8.2: very interesting, real nice stereo image, good loud bass that seemed a little bit muddy but not too much, also seems subject to ear fatigue... 550$+taxes

both speaker setups where far to be optimal, especially for the wharfedales. Consequently, I assume that it can have a direct effect on my feelings and impressions while listening. That's another reason why I ask you guys what you think of these monitors. If you can give me a comparison with KRK's rp5-6 and 8 models it would be great too!

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