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23 Sep 2009
Hi Guys,

My name is Enrico and I have an URGENT nightmare for you kind souls to solve...!!

I am running Digital Performer 3.11 with Firewire 828 (very first model) on a G4.
All of a sudden, audio started doing weird things like not playing back, cruching DP several times, lights on front panel of 828 dancing to a crazy samba...

So I started a calvarly of re-install re-boot re-intsall re-boot just about anything and everything that has to do with MIDI or Audio on the Mac.
The most recent error signs were about the 828 Firewire driver supposedly missing.
So I downloaded the most recent MAS driver and Firewire 828 driver for my DP and OS version (OS 9.2.2).

So, the final final error code which I cannot solve or even think what it means is the following:

Motu Audio System Motu Firewire Audio Firewire Wrappers.cpp 47 (err-4170, type 2)[-4170:2]

Can anybody PLEASE help me solve this horrible nightmare? Needless to say I'm late on a bunch of deadlines, but that's nothing compared to the amount of time and sweat spent to figure this out....

26 Feb 2008
Hi all,

I have a HUGE problem with my G4, and I have a project due by tomorrow!!!!

I was using Digital Performer with my 828 firewire interface, and all of a sudden the computer crashes.
At start up the PC doesn't reckognize the start up HD, and it asks for a start up disc, which I have in a different city than I'm now!!!!
I have a project due tomorrow and I am basically screwed if I can't fix this thing.

I need a OS classic 9.2.1 or 9.2.2 to start up the damn PC, do you guys know if I can download it somewhere?
What are my options?
If I do find it, do I just download it and put it on a data CD, or should it be a disc image CD?


Thanx a LOT,
12 Feb 2008
Hello beautiful people,

I have a question, and I hope to get a few different answers for it, and hopefully, all equally applicable answers!

I have the following things:

MOTU Microexpress
MOTU 828 mark 1 (at that time it was just called an 828 firewire interface)
DP 3.11 running on a 500Mhz ibook G3

I am getting a windows laptop (still not sure what the specs will be, but it'll be a new generation PC windows XP SP2), and I'd like to do the following:

upgrade to DP 5
get MachFive 2

My question for you all:
Can I still use my old microexpress and 828 mk1 with the new setup?

ANY suggestions/opinions/ideas for tech specs and other things will be most welcome.

Thank you all in advance,
(il Pěcaro)
26 Oct 2005
Hi Guys!

First of all, thank you so much for the insights on Panther 10.3.9 - you guys are geniuses!

On a more frustrating note, today something REALLY strange happened to me:

As I was backing up some files from my OS 9.2.2 hard drive to an external firewire drive, the computer crashed. So I restarted and I got that frightening blue folder with the little question mark blinking, obiviously looking for the boot up drive.... After a few restart with the same results, it automatically booted up on my second hard drive, that has X on it. No firewire on sight, and no OS 9 either!!!!!
What's going on???????????

Please, S.O.S. big time, I have to deliver a project by tomorrow!!!!

Iro unsure.gif
18 Sep 2005
Hi Guys,

Somehow I can't upgrade to 10.3.9.
Anytime I try to open the installer on the install CD, OS X restarts with OS 9, and it says the CD is not a startup disc!!!

I also tried to install it from the CD without rebooting, but OS X won't let me, giving me the only option to restart, and then I can't do anything from OS 9!

S.O.S.!!! sad.gif

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