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I have over 25 years experience in the creative end of the music business as an artist (with warner in 1981-83), as a producer, and studio musician and arranger. i now front a creative content company that does multimedia, web design, and video production along with music.
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Born July 11, 1956 (62 years old)
M6H-1A6 Toronto
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18 Jun 2005
i just UG from ST 1.2 to STP..
in Soundtrack 1.2 when i use the browser to browse my collections of aiff/wav loops and files, (non-apple loops) the browser automatically converts or reads and plays all these files as loops. it would play them in the browser adjusted to the tempo etc. of the project. this allowed me to audition all my files to see which would fit in real time with the music.

I no longer seem to be able to do that with STP. it seems to recognize just a very few files as loops (apple loops and a few acidized loops) but the vast mass of my files are treated and played as one-shots. i realize that's probably because the non-looped files have no metadata attached. however, they did play as loops in ST 1.2 and i could drag them into the timeline and they would adjust to the timing. i can't seem to do that in STP.

short of me taking thousands of files and batch converting them in ST Utility to loops with all the requisite issues, i can't work the way iíve done in ST 1.2

if this is a feature of STP and not idiocy on my part (which it may well be), it is a huge oversight or downgrade.

franly iím surprised no one else has commented on this. itís not a problem if you use only non-loop audio files, but if you work with your files as loops, it is a problem. could it be a feature of my installation (a FC Studio upgrade) or something i neglected to install?

any ideas?
1 Jan 2005
just purchased a TC Fireworx. would like to know if any have suggestions on the best way to connect it to my exisitng system. i usually play guitar/synth into a MOTU MK2 into a G4 1.25 running DP4.1. i have a mackie software controller but no mixer. i mix virtually.
right now i have the fireworx connected to my MK 2 by s/pdif in and out. i am playing my guitar through a line 6 pod into the fireworx analog ins. is there a better way to connect this up? the firworx has analog in/out, s/pdif/ and the usual digital connections.
also do i have to sync the Fireworx to my MK 2 through word clock?
any help would be much appreciated..
16 Mar 2004
just wondering if anyone has figured out how to route audio into soundtrack for recording. i'm using motu 828 mk 2 and though soundtrack recognizes it as an input, no sound comes through. i thought maybe suind soundflower i could route the audio from DP 4 into soundtrack, but again with no success. any help would be appreciated. so far te only way i've been ablet orecord into soundtrack is through my macs littel audio in miniplug.

1.25 dual gig, DP 4.1
17 Jul 2003
Just wondering if anyone has any advice. i have a G4 DP 1.25. just got Digital Performer 4.0. i have a MOTU 2408 mk 2 with the PCI-324 card. i was thinking of trading in for the new 828 mk 2 firewire unit since it seems so much less fuss and has in board midi. i do mostly aduio recording with little midi work. Does anyone have any idea of the AD/DA differences between the 2? is there any advantage to keeping my existing setup (other than cost)? and also has anyone had any difficulties running the PCI-324 under OS 10.2?

any help would be appreciated.
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