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28 Jul 2004

Does anyone have recommendations for places to purchase old synths in the UK?

28 Jul 2004

Does anyone know where I could get hold of some CEM 3340 VCO Curtis Chips? I also need them to be "selected" (they have a white dot on them) to function fully in my Roland Jupiter 6 - which is what I need them for.

many thanks in advance!
23 Jul 2004

I've had a motu 828mk2 for about a year (although haven't used it constantly) and I keep getting the occasional glitch or pop on an audio track or instrument routed through it via logic pro 6. ALthough it doesn't happen a lot - it's definitely a cause for concern. I've had the same problem with various buffer settings, different revisions of logic, different motu drivers, have trashed preferences etc. Also, it is not caused by a conflict from other digital devices connected... I can only assume it's the motu that is doing it. So what I'm wondering is : is this normal behaviour for this unit to do something like that occasionally? Or does anyone have any other suggestions that could help stop this?

many thanks!
23 Jun 2004
Hi everyone,

OK this is a bit of a weird one. I own a Jupiter 6 which has two available midi channels to use (1 and 2) but they can only be used independantly of each other if you deactive the default omni on setting by plugging a midi cable from the midi in to the midi out and turning the thing on - which is a major pain. Last year when I started using Logic Plat 6 I was delighted to discover that I no longer had to do this and somehow or other Logic would default the JP6 to omni off. After not using Logic for a while, today I started using logic 6 pro - and have found out that the JP6 now is still always in omni mode again! I trashed all the preference files, even went back to using my old version of Logic and it still wouldn't fire the two midi channels seperately. I even relaunched the set up assistant and that made no difference. So, does anyone have any ideas what I can do about this to get the JP6 to default to omni off?

Many many thanks in advance!
26 May 2003
Hi there,

I was just about to purchase a new Imac and a Motu 828 mk11 (when it becomes available) for use with Logic when I noticed in a review that the iMacs only have firewire 400mbps connections as opposed to 800 on the tower systems. So basically what I need to know is will this be fine - and will I still get the best capabilities from my set-up? I also noticed that the new Imacs don't have usb 2.0 - so wondered if this would cause any problems - I'll be using an emagic Mt4 midi interface as well.

many thanks in advance!
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