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14 Apr 2003
Ten o'clock, eastern standard time, and I had finally found the perfect combination of piano sound and digital reverb. Maybe this song wouldn't be the end of me, after all. I had been working on it for three weeks, my first step beyond "wow, this stuff sure is neat, listen to all the sounds, they sure are purrty," into the realm of "I want it to sound like this, and I THINK I know how to do it." It was all VST instruments and recorded vocals, but then I got Reason (best friend, worst enemy? I may never know). I knew I wasn't happy with the VB-1 Bassic Bass I had running through the whole song, it made it so... synthesized. So I fired up Rewire for the first time, replaced the VB-1 with a nice, slightly reverbed piano in the nn-xt sampler, and had the song at a point I could ask my in house vocalist (girlfriend) to replace the scratch vocs she had done when it was just a bassline and some bongos with a real performance. I talked up what kind of mood I was looking for, and how great I thought the song could be, set up the Mic, checked the levels, everything was nice, monitoring was fine, hit record, listened to (and watched) a great first run performance, looked back at my screen and saw to my horror, not a nicely flowing audio image mirroring the vocals I had just heard, but a pure black block. Maybe it's just building the image I thought, hopefully. I'll just play it back quick and se---owww! holy crap! what the hell is that shrieking static- must...hit--stop--before brain melts--- <click> uhhh, what was that?
Forty-five minutes and one lost vocalist (not lost girlfriend, at least) later, I gave up. Every time I tried to record, the Black Block of Evil showed up and I had nothing. Other song files recorded fine, an early version of the same song recorded fine, but an intermediate version of the same song gave me the BB of E, and I had not ever used reWire/Reason, which was my first and main suspect, in that version. Can anyone help? Please?

28 Feb 2003
Okay, this might be crazy, but it seems like it makes sense to me. Can I plug into my amp, use an instrument cable to connect from the Headphone jack into one of the non-phantom-powered ins on my omnistudio instead of a preamp or will I blow stuff up like Marty Macfly?

14 Feb 2003
Does anyone know if Recycle will be OSX compatible any time soon? I saw Adam Dorn demo it last night at Apple Soho and i want it BAAAAD.
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