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> Bss M-250's, SCAM Don't buy them!!!
post Tue 8 Feb 2005, 16:31
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From: Leamington - UK
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My housemate was in the process of buying these speakers as i was looking at this website, so as he was outto get the money to pay 'alex' i called him and told him about the scam.. he ran back avoiding the white van and put a note on the door with their numberplate and a warning.. looks like we got ourselves a free pair of sh*t speakers..

that ll teach the pikeys
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eric blair
post Sun 13 Feb 2005, 02:11
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From: Norwich - UK
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Any one had any luck selling their speakers? The whole things kind of totaly scinted me, those men "Alex" are actualy the most evil man iv had the unfortune to meet, does anyone know if they are acctually worth any thing? "Alex" was in norwich on the 11th trying to f**k skint students over.
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post Sun 13 Feb 2005, 15:58
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From: Westville - US
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I too had dealings with the "Men In The White Van"
who stopped me as I was pulling out of my Banks drive
through line, same story....They were installing new
speakers in all of the "Carmike" theaters in panama city,FL.
and ended up with "3 EXTRA SETS" of speakers which had
already been paid for.
However, being a musician I always have my guitar and
an amplifier in my van, so when I was approached by them
to buy the speakers I had them pull over to a wal-mart and
plugged my amp in to an outside recepticle to test them.
They seemed to work real well,and didn't distort at a
fairly high volume, They had paperwork showing that the
speakers retailed for $750.00 each but they would take
$350.00 apiece for them.
Well, after telling them that I really did'nt need them
but was always looking for a good deal,they asked how
much I would be willing to pay for them, and I told them
I would give them $275.00 for both speakers, They acted
as if they were insulted by the offer, but I said "You don't
have anything invested in them and and $275.00 would
buy alot of beers, since that's what they originally said
they needed to sell them for.
So I got back in my Van and cranked up then one of
them ran over to me and said "OK,WE'll TAKE IT!"
As it turned out it was a great deal, I still have them
(5 yrs later) using them as my studio monitors,
Of coarse my deal may have been the 1 in 1000
that turned out OK.
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post Wed 16 Feb 2005, 10:42
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From: Stockholm - SE
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Well, "they" are in Sweden as well now!
A friend of mine bought 4 monitors for about 450 EUR. Didn't need them, but...

They look very much like a pair Radiotehnika speakers that I own myself. Made in Russia!
I had those speakers for over 10 years now. They work actually pretty god!
25-25.000 Hz! (?).
I bought them when I took a sea trip to Riga.
I actually bought 2 pairs. I paid about $ 60 for all four!!!! I felt ...bad about this deal! They are worth more than that! But I couldn't help the fact that thing were the way they were. (Those prices were possible because of the "East and West thing").
The problem is in did that you need some look about the quality!
I succeeded to make a pair out of 2 and they are still in my home studio!
The other 2 are not working 100%. I connect them to my stereo in the dayroom. I barely use them though...

I am pretty sure the BSS are made in Russia like someone wrote in a post in the beginning of this threat.

But, if they work they are definitely worth the money most of you guys paid for.

I don't know how to qualify the act those "man in the white" van are doing.
OK, they're lying about the origin and price of the speakers. But they are selling a product, and nobody is really forced to buy...
I am not taking their part, I am just trying to figure out how the low would qualify this...

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post Wed 16 Feb 2005, 19:03
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From: Cardiff - UK
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Well i say "FUCK THE LAW" in this case. If they can't do anything about targeting vulnerable student by missleading them into buying something of a false description, then God help us.

Question: Is the below false description?

"NAD amplifiers use these speakers to sell their product"
"They're worth 1400 euros"
"This is what the top dj's use"

And is the following legal?

False company name
Fake information
False identities
False registration on their van

I say no more.
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post Tue 22 Feb 2005, 22:36
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From: Dover - UK
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hello. they got me too when i was a poor student in preston, a couple of years ago. i cant remember if they were in a white van on my encounter with them though. but, for some reason my cash card wasnt working. so, i asked the guys if it was ok for me to wire the money into an account. the fellow doing all the talking agreed. now, from what i remember it wasnt acctually his account it went into it was his girlfriends. still does anyone think its worth seeing if my bank still has records of the transaction - it may help to hunt them down... the girfriend at least.

email with any suggestions.
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post Mon 7 Mar 2005, 16:40
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From: Cologne - DE
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QUOTE (zagadka @ Dec 10 2003, 21:50)
It has happened to me as well... 3 days ago...
I forked out 200 quids. They sound really good, I can't compain but I just feel now very strange with this fact that I had been tricked.
But I carried out a small investigation on the whole web and I found some information in Germany. It seems that a lot of people are also confused about them in there, but actually U can buy them there. I don't know German language well enough but I managed to translate a few bits. Below I put some links so if U know German U can easily find out what they wrote about.

The price is 179 euro per pair. But I don't know if this is true.
Then, U can find they are writing that this speakers comes from Latvia or Russia. Other information I am not sure about, U have to investigate about it on your own.

smile.gif Hi, I am a new member from Germany.
I was just ripped off by those guys convincing me buying those loudspeakers. I was pretty sceptical about it but I finally wasted 600 EUR for it, with the so called great view earning more than 1500 EUR if I sell them on ebay.
However I found one positive request concirning the enterprise which is producing them.
If the product is not faked (BSS - M-250) then the quality should be all rigt.

Those guys called me in English and involved me into a conversation. They werde all students from the United States, working some weeks in Amsterdam now in projekt which is supported by the enterprise (" Really Big in the USA" BULLSHIT!!!!) they are working for in the UK.

I put those loudspeakers into ebay, hoping I will get more than 300 EUR for it in order to limit my financial desaster.


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post Sun 20 Mar 2005, 11:14
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From: Nashville - US
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These people even use the want ads to recruit "salesmen" here in Nashville. They post ads looking for people to break into pro audio and sound reinforcement, "no experience needed."
The first time I called they said that all the jobs had been filled, after I told them of my work experience. The next time the ad ran I Googled the number. All I got were links to posts on various audio BB's, all with the same sad tale of white vans, often with a "sound company" logo, selling "pro" speakers cheap.
At least if you buy KLH at BestBuy you know it's Chinese crap.

This post has been edited by CptAnalog: Sun 20 Mar 2005, 11:16

NO, you can't have any more monitor! 130dB is quite enough!
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post Thu 24 Mar 2005, 00:09
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From: Galati - RO
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This story is so funny . I will expect the guys with a gun ok ? :-)
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post Fri 24 Jun 2005, 13:00
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From: Utrecht - NL
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hi everyone, I have been conned too!
I am a student from Utrecht, The Netherlands, and have bought the BSS M250 speakers last May 2005 for 150 Euros. I do not feel the pain of getting ripped off as hard as other people, cause paid much less then them. But still it isn't cool to find out its all a big woldwide scam. Still the same story; 3 guys white van, 1 american and 2 english, saying they were installing a big sound-studio for a radiostation here in Utrecht. After a long negotiation bout the price starting from €1000, I got them to install the speakers at my place, do a sound-test (they sounded great!) and then paid them a wopping €150.
After all this I got the Dutch cell-phone number of the American guy and his American drivers-license (I didn't thrust these guys afterall but liked the price I got for the speakers). Don't know if it was a fake ID and I don't know if I'm allowed to post these here, but I just will for all the conned people out there:
Dutch cellphone: 06-42258278

American Drivers License:
Number: S72348422
date of birth: 06-18-1981
name: Charles D. Haverty
adress: 735 Haverhill Street, Reading MA (massachusettes)
phone or area code?: 01807-1130

I also found this official message from BSS Britain's bulletin board
BSS (Brooke Siren Systems) Audio Ltd do not, never have and have no plans to ever build any speakers.  The "BSS" M250 & S400 speakers are allegedly built by a swedish company Brendal Sound Systems but I say allegedly as no one as ever heard of them. On average we get 4 or 5 calls a week from people who have been offered or sold these speakers from the driver of a "white van", sometimes on the street, at service stations, car parks etc. I have been offered them myself under various guises over the last 3 or 4 years. This is part of a somewhat dubious "con" trick. They say the speakers are "left over" and they'll sell them to you for a cash figure (around £250??) which is well below the fictional list price of around £1000. Sometimes you even get  a number for the office to confirm the list price. A bargain! Well, no because from my experience these speakers could be put together for around £50.  Legally it is in a grey area and it is extremely difficult for anything to be done except to not buy these speakers. If you have bought these speakers and are unhappy I believe your only recourse is to contact your local Trading Standards office.

Hope somebody catches these guys,

SacredJ, Utrecht, Netherlands

[edit, add the quotes, link, LPM]

This post has been edited by lepetitmartien: Fri 24 Jun 2005, 13:59
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