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> Bss M-250's, SCAM Don't buy them!!!
post Fri 15 Aug 2003, 19:31
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From: Poole - UK
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I have got my hands on a pair of brand new BSS m-250 loudspeaker studio monitors and i was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about them (i.e. their value, and where i could sell such items)

Any help would be much appreciated smile.gif
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post Mon 18 Aug 2003, 20:28
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Let me guess. From a guy in a transit van - both claiming to be delivery men for a audio company, and they say...had 2 on the order, but 6 got put in by accident...and wanted to sell them to you to get some beer money.

Sad to tell you man - its a scam. There is no such thing. Brendle Sound Systems doesn't exist, all the glossy brochures, recommended retail price, and everything the guys had - faked. The invoice is fake, their sound company doesn't exist.

I got caught out by the same scam. Afterwards it seems stupid - but at the time, for some reason, you agree to it.

Now - the speakers are worth varying amounts. The 2 I got duped into buying - a mate of mine into expensive audio equipment tells me they're worth £250 absolute max.
They go up loud and don't distort too bad, but they won't be worth what you paid for them I doubt. There may well be varying speakers with that same model number as well... so just because mine sound ok, yours may well sound crap.

Good luck on them, and if you want more info on the scam - here you go ->

It's also listed here ->, and here ->,4...0099140,00.html
and here

Different fake make/model number, but same scam worldwide.
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post Mon 10 Nov 2003, 16:12
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From: Kessel-Lo - BE
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Unbelievable !

A friend of me just (5 min ago) called me and asked me to lookup "bss 250 speakers".

He was standing in a gas-station and 2 man, who came out of a mini-van came up to him trying to sell speakers.

Exactly the same story ! They told him they had ordered 4 speakers and by accident they got 4 boxen with 4 pairs of speakers....

So I started looking for any info.
At first I didn't find anything (except for cofee machines with that model-nr) but I told him not to buy it anyway...

Right after I hung up the phone, I found this forum. With exactly (ok, almost exactly) the same story.

I called him back. He was allready driving home and he followed my first advice, so he didn't buy them

After hearing about this forum he called the police...
Let's hope they catch the assholes....

place where it happened: Gas-station at "Linker Oever", Antwerp
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Just Been Scamme...
post Tue 25 Nov 2003, 17:31
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From: Fleetwood - UK
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angry.gif Just bought a pair, BSS M-250 Loudspeakers about 20 minutes ago for £300

I just came on the net to see how much they were worth and going to try and sell them on, hopefully make abit of money as I'm a poor student, when i stumbled across this forum.

Same story, some guy in a White Van, seemed abit dodgy but i still went ahead with it. Gutted.

He approched me on my street just as i was walkin home from university,
Ladywell Street,

If Anybody ever finds out if they get caught it would be great if u could let me know - [EDIT LPM removed email at member's request]

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post Wed 26 Nov 2003, 04:04
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Could you post a decent pic of them so people can see and be aware. Please name the pic by the "proper" speaker name (BSS 250) so that it comes up in picture search too.

Maybe build in China and worth not a lot.

Easy to buy some by the truck load and start swindling people.

If anyone can make a pic, I can put it on the MM server so you don't have to bother about when it won't be available etc. on a personal FTP.

Contact me thru my member info page (click on my name) and don't put mail addresses in the forum.

Swindllers I hate that! angry.gif

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post Mon 1 Dec 2003, 23:06
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I managed to get swindled with these damn speakers too....although they sound good, i didnt really want them!
But hey, never least we have something for our money (on the bright side!)

Just wondering if anyone can help me tho... is it possible to test the speakers for a power output rating etc? I want to know the real stats on them because, as they are kinda dodgy, i reckon the stats given to us are incorrect too! Thinking of hooking up an amp to them, but dont know what power of amp to buy to make them sound good-ish!?
Any ideas anyone?
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post Wed 10 Dec 2003, 22:50
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From: London - UK
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It has happened to me as well... 3 days ago...
I forked out 200 quids. They sound really good, I can't compain but I just feel now very strange with this fact that I had been tricked.
But I carried out a small investigation on the whole web and I found some information in Germany. It seems that a lot of people are also confused about them in there, but actually U can buy them there. I don't know German language well enough but I managed to translate a few bits. Below I put some links so if U know German U can easily find out what they wrote about.

The price is 179 euro per pair. But I don't know if this is true.
Then, U can find they are writing that this speakers comes from Latvia or Russia. Other information I am not sure about, U have to investigate about it on your own.
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post Thu 11 Dec 2003, 20:17
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blink.gif £250 quid! aaghggghhh!, sad.gif

Two men, white van, left overs from an order, what was wrong with me?

Worcester Park, Surrey, England.
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post Sun 14 Dec 2003, 10:10
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The same scam has been pulled in the States for quite some time. At least one friend of mine was taken, so heads up, New Yorkers.

The only decent warehouse deal I've ever found was through a reputable engineer at a shady studio that depended on my client's business too much to steal from me. I've often wondered whether the Mac I bought under those circumstances was actually hot.

In any case, the message is clear: Don't ever buy high end audio from the back of a stranger's truck.

This post has been edited by scrypt: Sun 14 Dec 2003, 10:11
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post Thu 22 Jan 2004, 12:47
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angry.gif Propper gutted!
I'm a (now extremely skint) student in Salford, who also payed £230 for a pair of BSS-M250s, suposedly worth £1500. That was yesterday, Jan 21st 2004. I tried to find out a little about them, and this is what I found.
Exactly the same happened to me as the others of you. Just nice to know I'm not the only one...
I note that they've also been around Preston, which isn't far away - but acording to "Alex" (as he called himself) he's been all over the contry, so who knows how many people might have fallen for it. These people must be stoped!
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