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> Portable Audio Recorder (minidisc Replacement), What should I buy to replace my MD-recorder?
post Sat 19 Dec 2009, 13:46
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I've been using a Sony MiniDisc recorder for several years now, recording environmental sounds (while travelling, lectures and whatever. It's worked fine for the most part, except for the following:
  • A hassle to transfer to my Mac (realtime and analog audio transfers only due to copy-protection circuitry)
  • No date/time stamp
  • mechanical noise from the recorder effects recordings
  • low battery life (it suddenly dies on me -come to think of it, it might be time for a battery replacement after all these years though I think my batteries never lasted long before needing a recharge).

What I do like about it however is:
  • Small size (handy to bring along almost anywhere)
  • Line inputs in addition to mic (allows flexibility -recording from other electronic devices)
  • Unconspicous (looks like an audio playback device, especially when I have my headphones plugged in). Doesn't scare people off, or being told to "stop using that thing" by various people
  • Allows me to name each recording
  • Good sound quality
  • Removable recording media (I'm not dependant on dumping recordings over to a computer when travelling, but can replace it with a new, blank MD disc instead)

I've been out of the audio scene for a while, but it seems flash recorders (using memory cards) are the thing nowadays. That would probably solve my digital transfer issue, and most likely the time/date stamping as well (I assume these recorders have built-in clocks), but depending on recording capacity/quality I prefer the ability to have removable recording media. Then again, that might be the way it's going with memory cards getting cheaper and storing more.

So, with the good and bad experiences with my MD recorder, what would be a good replacement for it (improving on the downsides, but keeping the features I like)?
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post Sun 20 Dec 2009, 07:21
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The iphone now has multitrack software. Four track and 16 track. One iphone 3GS model has 64 gigs of storage so transferring might not be such an issue. 64 gigs is a lot storage at 16 bit 44k (10MB per minute for stereo). You can use the iphone earbuds with its own microphone built into it which is standard`(I understand its decent) or purchase a Blue Mikey stereo microphone for about $79. I haven't tried this iphone software yet but am looking towards that in the future... and, get this.. the app for 16 track costs about $17. So, a killer phone with a video camera, unobtrusive, recording quality to rival minidisc, vast storage and transfers to Mac easily without analog conversion. A great multimedia device, albeit expensive.
good luck.
BTW, I recorded 4 CD's of nature sounds using a minidisc with binaural earbuds and it sounded great. Portable but it would have been nicer to not have the analog conversion. Digital would have meant purchasing a home deck which would have meant more expense.
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Berhu N°2
post Sun 20 Dec 2009, 19:09
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Hi here,
I used to use the small DAT recorder by Sony. So I skipped the minidisk area, and finally bought one year ago a Zoom H2, the basic one (I'm very satisfied for quick use and good quality). Check also the new H4n for more inputs, or similar devices from other brands...

Good music smile.gif

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