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> What Features Does Studio Amp Need, studio and recording amp
post Sat 5 Jul 2008, 02:24
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what features does studio and recording amp need?
1. lower noise.Recording amp need lower noise and hum
2.smaller watt. You don't need larger watt like stage
3. About guitar , The speaker size is 12 inch, It is best size for guitar.
Do you have other advices, please tell me Thanks
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post Tue 19 May 2009, 10:17
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The sound of a guitar stack can not be achieved with a small combo, adjust your stack at max put a akg 414 at a meter distance, pad -10 db, close the recorder room and root your guitar signal through the console thru the amp and listen to it at you studio monitors. The sound can not be achieved wit an 12 inch driver. It all depens what you wanne hear at the end. There are no rules in audio just diffrent tastes
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post Wed 20 May 2009, 05:58
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I'll have to agree with audioph14, you will not get a Marshall® stack sound out of a combo. However, you can get a good tone out of an Epiphone Valve Jr. combo. The 5 watt output with a good pedal in front of it will give you some really great rock tones, or just use the tube amp tone to drive a good clean sound with a little breakup. The 5w output means you won't get evicted/divorced/shunned by the people around you but you'll still be able to drive the speaker hard enough to get the right guitar sounds even through the 8" speaker.

Position a good mic (SM57, AKG 414, MXL 990, etc.) in front of the speaker cone and adjust for the tone you want to track.

I have a couple of friends who are gigging that use this as their live rig by dialing in their tone in the studio then taking it to the gig and mic'ing it into the board. Then they simply use the amp as their monitor on stage. Plus it is a lot easier to haul in and out of a gig than a full or half stack...

But, this is simply an opinion. Good guitar tone, as you are most likely aware, is a matter of personal taste and playing style.

I hope this helps.


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post Thu 21 May 2009, 06:12
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I have to second the pro- low- wattage opinion. I have had a Marshall half stack, a Crate all tube Vintage 50 combo, a smaller Peavey all tube Classic 30, an Ampeg....I sold two already and the other 2 are up for sale.....I never use them since most of my guitar recording takes place in my little condo. The Marshall and the Crate are both ridiculously loud and not at all practical for much beyond playing out (and they are really too loud for smaller clubs) unless you have 24 hour access to an ISO booth.

I like the 5W Epiphone amp that I have and actually have 2 others: A Blackheart 5W combo, and a Fender 5W Champion 600.....the Fender has the smallest speaker of the 3 but, I prefer the sound of it to the other 2 (and the other 2 sound great by the way).....the main beef I've heard about the Champion is that the signal kind of "futzes out" when you use the Hi input (it both Lo and a Hi input jacks) and turn up the volume.....I never used that input....I read the manual and I understand that one is for plugging in a microphone to while playing a guitar thru the LO input......At any rate, with a couple of different mics (mostly condensers: a Blue Baby Bottle, or a Groovetubes GT55- and a ribbon: Blue Woodpecker) run thru a decent channel strip (SSL Alpha Channel/ LA 610, and some light compression on the way in (I have a Distressor for the SSL) I don't know if it truly sounds like a Stack or not.....I really don't care...the sound is freakin' awesome. A LOT of guitarists back in the day (Jimmy Page most notably used a low wattage Supro amp to record with....NOT a Marshall) relied on lower wattage amps like Champs and Princetons to get a good, present tone that is easy to record and manageable in a just need to think about getting a good distortion pedal for the high gain parts....those amps need mods if you are going to go for natural tube amp drive thing, which is cool but, I have a Radial ToneBone pedal that makes crunch and hi-gain tones easy and again....I can't really tell the difference..... my ears thank me all the time.

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