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> Moru Unisyn And My Roland Jv-1080, Please Help!
post Mon 28 Jan 2008, 08:14
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Hey guys, I've been pulling my hair trying to edit patches for this thing. I bought Motu's Unisyn recently and it works great, I get to see all my patches and edit them... But not in real time!! Each time i make a change toa patch I cant hear it unless I save it somewhere in the user bank, then i have to skip a patch and skip back to hear the changes. I really hope there is another way, this is so tedius sad.gif
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post Mon 11 Feb 2008, 17:34
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is there no way of editing it live with unisyn? or some other software available to mac?
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Mac Daddy
post Tue 12 Feb 2008, 08:49
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Dear 440 Members, I Posted one of these once before, I got no Feed Back if it was a Good or Bad? I know many of you use Abelton and Reason.

# 01 # YOUPRODUCE.NET: Stay Tuned With RSS!

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# 02 # YOUPRODUCE.NET: getimo in Reasonbooks smile.gif

I found something interesting by accident. I knew that my old site (and my old
domain is very popular in Reason link lists but I didn't know
that the domain is in Reason books.

# 03 # DOWNLOAD: Download Over 390 Combinator Patches!

"Hi everybdy! I'm very happy to share this small, but powerfull Combinator
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will upload more of my stuff. Peace GizmoDj!!!"

# 04 # DOWNLOAD: Download Free ReFill - NORD ReFill

The Free Vol. 01. - NORD REFILL is a collection of great Clavia Nord Modular G2
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specific features of your Reason NN-XT advanced sampler. This free ReFill
contains 24 NN-XT patches separated into categories: you may find here some nice
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# 05 # DOWNLOAD: Microlab ReFill Pack 1

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- Krom - Crash Dance - Water - Spasmo - Velodrome - Spasmo - (Let's have a) Riot
- Spasmo - (Let's have a) Riot - v2 rmx

- 8 Subtractor patches
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- 5 ReDrum patches
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# 08 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Fruity Loops Studio - Scratcher Part 2

Setup FL-Studio so turntable speed and song tempo are synced, allowing you to
perform scratches at half-speed.

# 09 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Fruity Loops Studio - Scratcher Part 3

A video tutorial on how to setup the fl studio scratcher so that you have a
simple fader. You can find the samples at

# 10 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Fruity Loops Studio - Scratcher Part 4

Deleting a scratch session quickly, and further tweaking of the scratch sound
and scratcher behavior.

# 11 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Fruity Loops Studio - Scratcher Part 5

This tutorial is for all Fruity Loops scratcher freaks. Techniques for your
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course again with a better beat smile.gif

# 12 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Fruity Loops Studio - Scratcher Part 6

Recording a more advanced scratch, editing automation data, making automation
data easier to edit, and using ’scale levels’ in the automation
editor to tweak the scratch.

# 13 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Ableton Live Video Tutoirial - Live Looping w/MIDI (Kid
Beyond style)

Gives an example of how to set up Live for live looping.

# 14 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Ableton Video Tutorial - Rewiring Reason In Ableton

In this tutorial you'' learn how to rewire reason inside of ableton live.

# 15 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Drum Racks in Ableton

In this video, we show the new features of Live 7's Drum Racks.

# 16 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Minimal Techno Drum Kit in Ableton Live

"This is a little drum kit I put together in Ableton live."

# 17 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Ableton: Robert Henke on Sampler Part 1

Robert Henke shows off Ableton's Sampler instrument. Due to sound quality
issues, Ableton won't release this video officially, but there are some
typically great sound design ideas in there.

# 18 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Reason Video Tutorial - Hardware Setup

Hardware setup in Reason, how to get started with reason. The beginner series
has finished. Let's dive deeper into Reason with the next tutorials!

# 19 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Reason Video Tutorial - Subtractor Basics/Demonstration

I do a little Subtractor work and show you how to make an "automatic" bassline
with a matrix. More on this later as well...

# 20 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Rewire Reason with Fruityloops

Video tutorial on how to Rewire Reason into Fruity loops. In this way you can
use Fruityloops as a VSTi "container" in Reason!

# 21 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Make Aphex Twin Timestretch Effects in Reason

Making a simple glitch type timestretching effect with Propellerhead Reason 3.

# 22 # VIDEO TUTORIAL: Reason 3 and 4 tutorial - Triggering instruments on

This video describes a hack to allow you to trigger an instrument or effect when
you RELEASE a key. This is useful for guitar strums, Hi-hats, mutes or delays,
or vinyl scratch effects.

Make it louder! - the producer network
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post Wed 13 Feb 2008, 06:07
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Thanks for the link Mac Daddy. I just subscribed.
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Mac Daddy
post Thu 14 Feb 2008, 10:28
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From: Hamburg - DE
Member No.: 76,633

mortalengines, I had hoped one 440 Member would find the Links helpful. "You're the one" Thanks for the Feed Back.
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