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> Midi Experience Needed, keystation pro 88, axiom advanced 61
post Thu 9 Mar 2006, 00:41
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i can't choose between the key station pro 88 and the axiom advanced 61. basically i was hoping someone could list some pros and cons to help me choose. i have no info from anyone whose used these products- just manufacturers and sellers. some obvious pros and cons are things like weight (88=40-50 lbs, 61=12lbs.) and difference in range (88 keys to 61 keys), but i'd like to hear some real testimonies from talented, applied musians who have used these products in there entiredy.
first off let me appologize for not knowing correct terminology ("i don't speak freaky-deaky dutch..."). i don't really know a lot about instruments, but i do play them quite well. i definetly know what i want- i'm just not sure which controller would best suit my needs, or if my needs are quenchable at all.
what i'm looking for in a keyboard is the abilty to have any sample, or a song i've created, play at the push of a button (these are often refered to as "triggers," i think) while i can play over it. now, i also want to be able to have more than one program able to be played at once, like say, an organ and a trumpet, like one half of the keys on the keyboard is the organ and then the other half is the trumpet. also, iwant to be able to have that split capability while the triggered music or sample has been triggered. plus, i want to be able to switch programs briskfuly and be able to, maybe, assign programs to buttons in advance, so that i may change to these programs quickly. and, on top of all that, i want to be able to play quick samples (like birds chirping, phones ringing, or pre recorded voices) over all that.
is this duable? which controller will best suit my desires?
i'm leaning toward the axiom 61 because it's lighter and cheaper, but i don't know if it can do the things i want it to. also i don't know if the 88 pro can offer what i am seeking. -eric
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post Tue 14 Mar 2006, 15:48
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1. You're a number, not a name? That's awful....

2. Before you decide based on specs, find a retail store that sells them, sit down, and try playing them. If they both feel playable to you, then you can decide based on features.

No one seems to address the fact that you have to play music with these things, and that if you find that the action isn't reponding to your way of playing, then the specs don't matter - you're eventually going to hate that keyboard. After you've decided that it's actually playable, then come back and ask for tech advice.

I bought that really lightweight, slightly bendable 88-key controller from studiologic and I love it, but it feels like I have to push too hard to get a decent velocity, and there's no velocity curve adjustments on it. I'm sure that in a year or two I'll be looking for something that feels better.
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