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> Pinose Amp As A Pre-amp?
post Mon 30 Jan 2006, 18:22
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Usually play my Guitar directly through my G5 Imac using a 1/4" --> 1/8" adapter on the end of my guitar cable... I'm using Amplitube and Guitar Rig software (Garageband too to import the tracks). Found a cheap Pignose Amp with pre-amp out and thought I could use it as a pre-amp to make the sound a bit richer - but the speaker on the Pignose doesn't cut out when used - is this normal? I can remove the speaker wires from the Pignose (internally) if I need to - does anyone know if this will work as a pre-amp??
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post Mon 30 Jan 2006, 20:46
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The speaker not turning off is's just an out, it won't mute the speaker output. It should work as a pre-amp, just not a silent one.

Disconnecting the speaker can damage the amp unless you use a speaker load, like a thc hot plate.
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post Tue 31 Jan 2006, 00:28
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I would be cautious of running a amped guitar signal straight into your G5 mini jack, it might fry the audio board.

I wrecked a stereo amp Hifi system once by playing guitar into it.

If you had some sort of Audio interface or even a mixing desk before going into the g5, it might soften the signal and give you control over volume output going into g5.

Im not sure really, other peoples thoughts??
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post Tue 31 Jan 2006, 01:43
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On the load issue… it's at least one if the amp is valve driven, then there MUST be a load after the amp (which can be a lamp btw, but i'd go for something less DIY myself for daily use). For other non-valve, I don't know, so I won't give advice.

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post Tue 31 Jan 2006, 19:45
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The sound from the loudpeaker/cabinet in a guitaramp is a very important component in the all-over perceived sound.
That's why the Line 6 POD has a switch for "direct out/amp out" at the left/right output.
In amp-mode the POD:s speaker-cabinet simulation is disabled.

It is also important that the signal-levels and impedances from preamp-out into
"recording-gear/power-amp input" - have the proper ratios.

Both for getting a good signal for your recording gear to work with - and to avoid distortion
and unnecessary hiss.

If your Pignose "pre-amp out" were to have a specified impedance of have lets say 20 KOhms.

If you were to connect a load from some strange indeed constructed poweramp with an input
impedance of 200 Ohms.
Your Pignose preamp would suddenly have to deliver current into a resulting impedance of 198 Ohms.
thats roughly a 10 to the second power difference.  Thats pretty close to short a short circuit - well not quite.

If your Pignose preamp out is transistor driven - you will fry those transistors and possibly the powerpack
and other components as well - in two seconds flat.

However the other way around is completely safe - in comparison.
A 200 Ohms output kan easily handle a 20 KOhm load.
The 200 Ohm output will only feel the result as a 198 Ohm load instead of 200 - only a 1 percent difference.

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