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> Roland V-Synth version 1.5, Music Hardware
post Wed 25 Feb 2004, 17:51
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Roland V-Synth version 1.5
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post Wed 25 Feb 2004, 17:51
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Still some Major issues to be resolved

1) There is no option create a new! blank project (currently NEW PROJECT only duplicates the existing project)
Most real software would give you the following..

Save (save current file/project)
Save As (save current file/project under a new name)
New (create new blank file/project)
the v-synth does not allow either.

2) When you load a project from flash or micro drive it uses up all available memory leaving no room for further editing by loading all patches and samples directly in to all available RAM instead of only loading patch currently in use.

3) Internal partials cannot be selected from any internal list even though they exist in ROM, your forced to load them all in to the limited ram of the v-synth before you can select them from any list, once again using up all available RAM of the v-synth leaving no further room for editing.

4) when you choose to WRITE PATCH, if this patch has been created using a newly created wav, the v-synth does not save the wav automaticaly so if you switch off after saving patch, when you come to load that patch, it will not work because the wav is missing.
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post Thu 26 Feb 2004, 02:53
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Are you telling us they are still selling a beta? blink.gif angry.gif

Ugh! blink.gif

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post Mon 29 Mar 2004, 09:36
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it would seem so.. and further more there is an even more serious bug i discovered recently which i sent to roland uk as follows...

when you switch from patch to patch you would expect each patch to re-initialize the v-synth to accommodate the next patch settings.
Logically, switching from patch 1 to patch 2 should initialize all controllers and settings to Zero and then read the current patch settings and apply these new commands to the vsynth.

The vsynth is NOT! re-initializing all ctr commands in this manner when switching from patch to patch.
The effect is a serious one, (explained in a momment)

It means if a patch has sent specific ctr commands that effect playback of its sound in the current patch,
these settings are not reset when you select another patch, which means your beautiful string ensembles, which you have just
switched to on patch 50 after coming from patch 20 now sound like random noise.

The following will recreat the bug mentioned...

The best way to demonstrate this BUG rather than recreate the patch that causes the problem is to do as follows...

find a nice patch, like strings or pads and play with it and remember how it sounds

open the arpegiator using this patch and choose step record
start playing a sequence until it is full

now set playback mode for this arppegiator to phrase

now select Real Record on the arpegiator.
assuming knob 1 (C1) has been assigned a cntr command, start moving it from left to right

you will notice these commands will be sent to the arpegiator window.

when your happy with what you hear choose stop

Using the up down cursor keys highlight the line where the CTRL command has been entered it usually has either 1 or 2 in the next row.

highlight the next colum so the cursor is over the value 1 or 2

now choose hold on the arpegiator and press a key on the keyboard.
the arpegiator starts playing and you see the play area move from left to right.

Now start moving the Scroll wheel to increase up and down the value in the Note/CC colum and notice how the sound changes
keep doing this for a few bars until the current sound probably does not make any sense or stops playing.

Exit the arpegiator (do not save or write the patch)

and try other patches

some if not all, will no longer sound correct or as they should

try going back to your original patch.

Logic dictates that unless you have saved a patch after editing, moving from patch 1 which you have edited to patch 2 and back to patch 1 you loose all previous edits and patch 1 is now as it originally was with no changes.

You will find that if you now go back to your original patch it too no longer sounds like strings.

This all goes to show the V-synth is not re-initializing correctly on patch selection
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post Sat 9 Oct 2004, 12:23
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angry.gif Thi guy is on every sight I go to!!!! And I mean EVERY SITE where the v synth is reviewed!!! annoying. It works fine- i've tried your little bug test and came back with nill- you just got a defective synth pal. your loss- Your really tainting peoples decisions and screwing up sales for a lot of people- that's messed up to do to people- you're one hell of a neurotic fish- quit your crying just cause you got a burned- everybody i know who uses this synth has never experienced any of the crap your talking about- god you really know how to put a damper on some fun time making crazy music- I hope your synth just crokes on you- just don't bitch on all the sites when it happens. laugh.gif
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