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14 Jun 2006
Hey folks,

Anyone out there have an outboard compressor hooked up to their 828mkII? Got a Blue Series DBX 160SL Stereo Compressor that I'd like to utilize and was wondering about the NO INSERTS factor.

If a seperate mixer with INSERTS is needed, what might be a good one to consider?

13 Jan 2006
Like many, I use GarageBand to sort ideas before starting a project in DP. I recently dowmloaded Sunflower(on a whim) to be able to use the GarageBand drum kits in Digital Performer, which now I can. However, later I noticed that Guitar Rig is no longer recognized by GarageBand and so I'm thinking that Sunflower within GarageBand/preferences now is the culprit. The message reads, .."Guitar Rig is not available".

It's not dire that I be able to use Guitar Rig in GarageBand, but it would be nice to solve the puzzle. So, how can I uninstall Sunflower? Except for the Package Installer of Sunflower, the plugin is nowhere to be found and the Package Installer cannot be opened.

Just thought there might be someone else with similar issues. Hope the above described is clear enough.

8 Jun 2005
Mmmm, ..anybody know if it's somehow possible to run both an Alum. Powerbook G4 and a G5 Tower (HOOKED-UP TOGETHER), so that they work as one? ...And if so, can a 20" Display(w/G5) and the Powerbook's 15" Display be utilized to work togther as well?

For any DAW, that would be one powerful set-up. Especially with upgraded Ram in both.

Just pipe dreamin.......

4 Jun 2005
Hey all,

Anyone out there that's done the Tiger upgrade for DP 4.5,(Motu's site)(Drivers) ..could you comment on how it went?


... Powerbook G4 1.25Ghz w/ Superdrive / Mac OS 10.3.7 / Guitar Rig / Stylus RMX / Trilogy ...
5 Feb 2005
Well, guys and dolls,

Failed 2 times to upgrade the memory on my Alum. 15" Powerbook G4 1.25 w/ Superdrive
(PC2700 DDR 333 SO-DIMM 200-Pin)

Tried Corsair Ram(NOT TESTED FOR MACS) ...Microcenter / 1 GB at 359.00
Tried OWC RAM(TESTED W/ LIFETIME GUARANTEE) / 2 X 1GB at 239.00ea. <<Both Sticks a Bust!

Symptoms: Kernel Panics galore, wake up issues, had to reboot repeatedly to get the Desktop up, without freeze. ..Note: When I finally got the Desktop up, the ram was recognized and everything ran fine, though there did not appear to be any difference in performance/speed. ...Another Note: With my original ram, I have no issues what so ever.

Before purchasing the RAM, I'd read mucho articles on the Alum. PB G4 memory upgrade. Many of which talked about problems with the Samsung original ram, as well. And so I was lead to believe that a different, less expensive alternative would work. My only course left to take now, is to buy the Samsung memory, but then ......what if that doesn't work?

Needless to say, after all that I've gone thru these past few weeks, with all the trials and errors, opening and closing of the PB to try different slot combinations, etc. and then going through the return for refund process, I'm a bit wary. ....I've read much on what could be the cause,(10.3.7, motherboard issues, etc.), but nothing substantial or consistent enough, soooooooooooo

As I'm sure some of you have gone through similar trials, I thought I'd ask, ..DOES ANYBODY KNOW, ...WHICH BRAND WILL WORK, ..FOR SURE? ....WILL THE REAL SAMSUNG, PLEASE STAND UP?

Any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated, as always.

Nels wink.gif
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