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entry Fri 3 Jul 2009, 18:48
How to proceed:

  1. You should ask me (PM or email), remember to tell me your login in the email (some forget it…)
  2. I answer you to ask you to confirm as it's final and there's no undo command! (Note that you posts in forum will stay but will be anonymous.)
  3. You confirm (PM or email)
  4. I ask to the Big Boss to erase the account.

That's all. Usually, if the PM/email exchange is fast, the erase occurs in 24-72 hours. If after a reasonable delay (say a week) the account is still active, just tell me and I'll whip the webmaster on the spot. laugh.gif

If you only desire to not receive the different kinds of email the website can send you (newsletter, daily digest, subcriptions…), the better option is to visit your control panel (top of page, right).

entry Fri 3 Jul 2009, 18:39
Procédure :

  1. Vous me le demandez (en MP ou email), en précisant votre pseudo dans l'email (il y en a qui oublient…)
  2. Je vous réponds pour demander confirmation car c'est définitif et il n'y a pas de Undo ! (Petite précision, vos messages deviendront anonymes en forum)
  3. Vous me confirmez (MP ou email)
  4. Je demande la suppression au grand chef.

Et voilà. Normalement si l'échange de MP/email est rapide la suppression est effective sous 24-72h. Si au delà d'un délai raisonnable (disons un semaine) le compte est toujours actif, signalez-le moi que je donne la fessée au webmaster. laugh.gif

Si vous désirez seulement ne plus recevoir les différents types d'emails envoyés par le site (newsletter, résumé des forum, abonnements…), visitez plutôt votre panneau de contrôle (en haut de page à droite).

entry Sat 26 Jul 2008, 14:57
Shit happens…

In forums:
use the "report this thread/post" link.
Don't comment in the thread, just report, the thread goes to the bin anyway so don't waste your time, report and return to make some music. wink.gif

For PMs and emails sent thru the email system:
report to me either by PM or email, with a copy of the message, the login of the sender and his email address if it came by mail. Don't answer to the spam! Never!

We are very queen at deleting this crap as fast as possible, and we BAN the offenders, it does not mean they won't be able to come back, because they keep doing so and there's no perfect system against this, unfortunately. But we are serious at blocking them as much as possible.

A reminder about your email address:
WE NEVER GIVE UP YOUR EMAIL. When you receive such spam thru the email system of the forum, the sender never see your address save if you answer them, so DON'T. wink.gif

That's why we ask you never to post your emails in full in the forums, everyone can see them (including spammers…)

Report the morons, I have a laser that works top notch…

 | Category: 440
entry Fri 16 May 2008, 04:30
As 3 of our members have been stolen again, my first blog post will be on scams.

- Don't trust proposals too good to be true, they are not.
- Be very cautious, ask for pics, talk with the seller.
- Check were the guy is, if he's in country A, you're in country B, be cautious, if a country C appears in the talk… flee.
- Save for small sales, don't trust checks, money transfer, Western Union, Paypal… Use a money escrow system.
- Western Union and Paypal are not safe systems. WU is like a money transfer. Paypal like a card payment with a twist.
- Don't accept payments for a value higher than your sale and send back the difference, it's basic swindling. Accept only the money you're supposed to receive.
- Be very cautious with checks sent from a foreign country. They may be accepted by the bank but rejected some weeks later. don't send the object until the final acceptance of the bank, talk with your buyer and your banker about this. The delay is worth it.
- If the seller/buyer doesn't accept your escrow system or the delay, walk away.
- Keep the PMs, keep the emails you exchange.
- Keep the original classified, and the login of the seller/buyer here.

if you are in doubt, contact us at fraud at and give us the classified, your login and the scammer's.

Scammers are banned on the spot, as the classifieds are deleted. We keep records for the police in case they need it.

What to do? More on the subject:
  1. Tell us! We can prevent other members to be stolen.
  2. Tell your bank, maybe something can still be done.
  3. Tell the police:

(if you know for your country, please tell me)

(to be completed and translated)

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