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4 Jun 2018
floor decking
floor A grade 610×125×18mm quoted at 165 yuan/m2 .
Into the second decade of the 21st century,composite wood floors interior today's consumption of floor subjects has changed from 80 to 90 after. These consumers of freedom and pursue individuality. In the context of increasing homogenization of homes such as floors and floors, the development of matured Rustic flooring has become a major battlefield for its individuality. The unique effect of rustic flooring,seven trust decking how to install simple textures, and embossed surfaces has always been the first choice for young consumers
who are pursuing individuality. In order to attract more consumers to buy antique flooring, floor Merchants have made a fuss about the colors and uses of antique flooring. At present, Guangdong Yuzhu international timber market Bailamu antique floor 910 × 125 × 18mm offer 240 yuan / square meter.
Since the beginning of the last century, stylish flooring is known for its design craftsmanship, which is based on natural hues, clear textures, surface bumps, or embossed effects.outdoor deck furniture pictures On the basis of the above, the retro floor has
become a trend after the Born floor fused with modern techniques such as coloring and carbonization. In the selection of materials, design suits, environmental protection properties and other floor quality requirements, antique flooring has been further improved, becoming the main source of future trends. As the birthplace Of fashion and artistic quintessence, European design, architectural style and even fashion have always gUided the trends in Asian design fields with the role of wind vanes. In the retro style, the antique floor that
14 May 2018
Decoration moisture prevention method
When decorating a house, people will consider some issues. Among them, moisture protection is a very important factor. What are the methods of moisture-proof decoration? What kind of help can people bring from the method of decorating damp-proof? And people are What issues should we pay attention to in the future life?composite fence manufacturer in canada These are worthy of people to learn and understand.
First, decoration moisture method - ventilation method
Ventilation is a very important step in the renovation of the house, in addition to the smell of the decoration products, but also the effect of moisture protection. However, when it is raining, ventilation is not required at this time. Otherwise, the humidity outside the house will be brought into the room.flooring material prices This will be even more unfavorable, and it will also have an impact on the measures against moisture.
Second, the decoration moisture method - absorbent box
If you want to carry out moisture-proof measures during the renovation, you can seal the room and then absorb the moisture in the air. This moisture absorption box has the effect of dehumidification, and it also has a certain effect on anti-mildew and deodorization, and there is also an aromatic odor, which can well perform the moisture-proof effect.
Third, the moisture-proof decoration method - wallboard moisture
Can be installed moisture-proof wallboard, waterproof wood 4x8 foot sheeting
for example, now the wood-plastic wallboard has the effect of waterproof and moistureproof, when the rain may be a little wall resurgence, affecting the indoor furniture and making the ground moist, wood-plastic wallboard can effectively solve These problems are also very good decoration materials.
There are more than just a few ways to prevent moisture from fitting out. People can also grow some green plants in their homes, such as the rich bamboo, which are capable of adsorbing moisture in the air and can bring some help to people. Too much humidity in the room will make people feel uncomfortable. 4 x8 sheets of waterproof materailAt the same time, it also has some damage to some household products. This will cause people to lose a certain amount of money. Therefore, moisture-proof and dehumidification is a necessary step.
7 May 2018
home renovation
The rural people who have been attracted to the city by the rich material life created by the market economy, have found out in the middle of the city that it is impossible to build a house like a rural house with high-rise buildings. They can decide the orientation of the house according to their own wishes or the guidance of the gentleman. In order to choose the best orientation for your own home. However,white wood fence panels prices the smart people quickly realized that the house can't be changed, and that it would be feng shui through home renovation. Therefore, the feng shui of home renovation became a hot topic in modern life.
Home Furnishing Feng Shui - Door Orientation
The houses in the city are not necessarily flat. After all, the house is fixed and people’s ideas are flexible. Among them, people can see the change of the gate, and usually do not have a choice about the direction of the gate. However, when the direction is unchanged, it can move from side to side. exterior wall fence privacy extenderUnder the premise of limited variables, we can choose the position that is most beneficial to oneself and seek psychological comfort.
Home Furnishing Feng Shui - Interior Design
For those who truly understand astronomy and geography, the interior wall can also change a movable point of feng shui. The housing in the city basically adopts a framework structure. As long as the pillars are not tampered with, modifying the interior wall is just a procedure for decoration. Therefore, it is entirely possible to renovate the interior walls according to their own needs, and even feng shui can be customized. Under normal circumstances, interior wall renovation can be used to beautify with wallpaper tiles, but the newly emerging wood-plastic products are also a good choice. Wood-plastic decoration has different kinds of colors and textures,outdoor upvc decking flooring which can be selected according to the decoration style of one's own family. Of course, the performance of wood-plastic is also very good. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, waterproof, non-perishable and so on.
23 Apr 2018
Rural cottage exterior wall
Now people's living standards are gradually improving, so the demand for their own accommodation will be relatively higher. Now in rural areas, many people want to build a smaller villa, but when they build a villa, they will encounter a problem. That's the problem with the facade tiles of rural cottages.wpc composite panel noida So what exactly is the problem? Let's look at it together.
Rural cottage exterior wall: Exterior
Regardless of whether they are small houses or villas in rural areas, there is no big difference in appearance. In the interior design, it was also renovated according to the standard of the villa. So the outside of the tile can be selected is more, for example, you can choose the blue-gray tiles and so on.artifical solid wall panels in Canada However, there are still many problems with heating or toilets that need to be built.
Rural Cottage Facade Wallboard: Neighbourhood Relations
Before the countryside, every family was living in a small cottage, so the neighbors were relatively harmonious. However, if a small villa is built, many people will worry about the relationship between the neighbors. Under such circumstances, they can choose a good neighbor relationship. The same tiles,outdoor fireproof panels so that they may feel closer in psychology. So no need to worry about the neighborhood.
Rural Cottage Façade Wallboard: Select Requirement
When choosing a ceramic tile, the first thing to consider in rural cottages is the resistance to dirt, because in the countryside, there may not be a lot of time to clean the villas, so it is crucial to choose more resistant tiles. In addition to considering dirt, there is the need to consider the life of the tile,house panels for sale because the economic level of their own rural areas is not very high, so when choosing a time must choose the most cost-effective, then life is one of the more important . For example, it will not fall off, or whether it will be related to the construction and so on. Of course, it is better to choose durable and durable.
13 Apr 2018
Pvc material flooring home improvement
Pvc material flooring is one of the popular new type of light storefront decorative materials. Compared with traditional flooring materials, the advantages of PVC flooring are also significant. Its environmental protection is very good because of the
production of PVC flooring. deck outdoor fireplaceThe main raw material is polyvinyl chloride, which has no effect on the environment and human health.
Pvc flooring home improvement - consider the actual needs
When considering the purchase of home floor installations, we must consider the actual needs. Before the floor installation, we need to make a precise measurement. This is a lot of floor decoration companies can provide, accurate measurement is the premise of the laying of the floor, and in the When the number of square meters, the error must be controlled within one square meter.
Pvc flooring home improvement - save space
The floor of this type of material has a very prominent advantage. It is ultra-light and ultra-thin. From the point of view of
various pvc products on the market,pvc flooring importer in ukiah the weight per square meter of such floor is only between 2 kg and 7 kg. Floor bearing pressure is small, but also can play a space-saving role, with unparalleled advantages.
Pvc flooring home improvement - super wear-resistant
The floor surface of this kind of material has a special layer of transparent wear-resisting layer specially processed by high technology, which can fully guarantee the excellent wear resistance of the ground material, which is why the pvc material floor can have a longer service life. Of course,garden fence panels nottingham the thickness and quality of the wear layer directly determine the quality of the floor.
PVC floor home improvement - good flexibility
If the family has already laid such Pvc flooring friends will certainly have a common experience, that is, this kind of PVC floor is very soft, so it is very flexible, even under the impact of heavy objects can still quickly recover, so it with solid wood Different floors, floors of this type of material can be placed on heavy objects, wood floor for swimming poolhigh-quality PVC floor can reduce the harm to the human body.
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