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> Best/worst Live Experience
post Tue 9 Oct 2007, 13:51
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Well, sitting here game time expired 1 hour ago and I was thinking i'm gonna post another one of those marathon threads.

For all the people out there who love music, and i'm talking just about any sort of music except for trance/Dance/d'n'b/techno-ish stuff, I felt like making a thread were you can share the best live music experiences you've had and ofcourse also the really bad ones.

I personally think that most music is better live than on record or mp.3 which i guess the lot of u nerds listen to rather than buying the actual records. Musically when talking about tightness and perfect sounds live isn't really that much better, especially not if you are into death/black/grind were most of the bands really play shit in live situations. Sure, u don't really hear that much of what the singer is actually singing/screaming in this kind of music but the bands do perfrom better on record, atleast the sound is a whole lot clearer. Not that I don't like "rough" recordings, I love it when the quality is kind of crap, adds a very cool evil atmosphere to black/Death-metal albums, but not to crap though ofc.

Not sure when I saw my first live concert, but the first one i remembered I actually paid for was Slipknot/American head chargein like 2001 or something, was really into Slipknot at the time so i didn't mind paying the 70€ ticket. Went to the show with a friend and his dad gave us a ride all the way to Stockholm and for the entire 3 hr car ride up there we were listening to Slipknot in the car and we were both excited as hell. When we finally got in to "Hovet" and had gotten past all the fucking security (kinda lame with that much security for a band that think they are so cool tbh) we sat our asses down at the top of the stadium and watched American Head Charge play, and then after a 2 hour fucking wait Slipknot finally entered the stage. They played for roughly about 2 hours and when it was done i felt like "Zomg LOL this t3h best concert ever", but I hadn't been to any concerts before so, looking back i can see that it wasn't all that good. But it was still pretty cool.

After that I went to concerts regularly, think I saw Mudvayne and a few other bands later that very same year. And it was during that Mudvayne concert I got my tinnitus, I thought it was cooler not to use ear plugs like the little emo fuck I was back then... so remember your earplugs kids.

Trying to stick to the red line, what makes a live concert so cool?
Not sure, maybe it's the fact that you are standing like 10 feet from the people you idolize, and you can see them up close and almost smell them. There is also something special and almost magic when 30000 people start singing along in for example "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica. Extreme power, and even though people don't usually like sing along to "With Satan and Victorious Weapons" by Marduk there is still something powerful about blackmetal concerts aswell, maybe it's when you see 500 people that love the same music as you do, and most of em look the same, and they all start screaming and headbanging whent he band starts to play. Also there is the wait, the day before you are going to the show with your favourite band you act like a little kid on christmas eve who can't fall asleep because he is waiting for santa to come and fill his stockings with gifts. And the hourse just before the show when you shout at your mom to start up the fuckignc ar and start driving even though the concert isn't going to start for another 5 hours. And when you stand in thet long fucking line, there is ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! some guy who has farted and it smells like fucking hell, but you don't care, you just keep on drinking your cheap beer and listening to your friends tape player which has managed to survive from the mid 80?s.
And the moment when the curtains go down, in a great explosion and you see your favourite satanists enter the stage, pentagrams,goat heads, more pentagrams.. awesome.

Another great experience to see bands is the festivals we have all over Europe in the summers, great in several ways, tents, you are guaranteed to have sex( pref during the 1st night, when people are still fresh and most of em have showered, and the gurls don't smell so bad), drinking for 5 days in a row, being burnt badly by the sun and freezing like fucking hell during the nights and trying to dry your tent because it rained, and u didn't listen to your dad who told you to bring the water proof tent. Oh, and then there is usually some bands aswell. In short, if you are young and yet haven't been to a festival you should take the chance and do it this summer. When going to a festival you should bring a few things, beer,beer,beer and some vodka, condoms if u feel comfident, tent, some friends, a boombox,flashlight , MONEY and lots of it, spent all my money in 3 days so i lived of beer and pizza leftovers for 2 days, if u remember all this you will most probably have a great time.

Sorry for loosing the red line angry.gif.

A good concert really needs a few things, beer or any other type of alcohol really, people; pref like between 500-3000, and I prefer indoor concerts, even though outdoor concerts can be great aswell but not for metal in general. And ofcourse a good band.

I have a very hard time naming the best concert I have been to ever, been to so many of them and most of them have been very good, but I think I must say the best one ever is Cannibal Corpse at Skylten in my hometown Linkoping. Skylten is a very small venue and I think it has a capacity of like 300-500 people max, but that night it was crowded and u could barely find a place to stand in that little shithole. But when it's that crowded you know the moshpit will be great, and it was. The band was very good and even the opening acts were good, Spawn of Possession and Visceral Bleeding. It was a very long show, went on for many hours, approx about 7 since I got there a bit to early and enjoyed the freakshow at the parking lot. Only bad thing about being at Skylten is that they don't serve alcohol... because the venue is owned by the the state. But even though i wasn't drunk I could enjoy Cannibal Corpse, the band was great and played for like 2 hrs, played all their classics and some new shit, best song that night was "Hammer Smashed Face".

That show however is closely followed by Nile @ Skylten, Linkoping aswell as #2, and a good #3 being the legendary Metallica show at Ullevi Gothemburg where about 50000 people showed up.

Thw worst show I have ever been to was not o long ago, it was me and Luthifer and another Friend of ours, the band was Impaled Nazarene @ Skylten... the band is great and all that but.. the audience was 9 people.
Us being 3 people and 5 other dudes, suspect 2 of em were the bands touring crew, so say 7 people. And when we got there we didn't see any people, so we knocked on the door and asked "Isn't impaled nazarene playing here tonite?" and the guy who worked there said "Some band is playing, but we can't make out what the logo reads".. so I saw the logo and it was Impaled Nazarene and we thought like "meh, the other people will come soon"... but they never did.

And that's about all I have to say, looking forward to hear about your wild concert escapades and I hope you enjoyed the reading.
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