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> Bss M-250's, SCAM Don't buy them!!!
post Tue 16 Aug 2005, 10:27
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No... no... it cant be true... NOOOOOO!!!! I bloody well got scammed by the same bloody lot back in october!! Wondered why no one would touch them on EBay!! Some guy even offered me 20p. shouldve followed my gut instinct. Natually, same scam as everyone else. two guys, white transit van etc etc.

Im just bloody glad I didn't pay them the £800 they were after and only lost £400 instead!!

Tho it is a scam, the speakers aint half bad from what i can tell... Supose they should still be worth summit, assuming they aint stolen which adds a whole new dimension to it.

The funniest thing was I picked up a third one at the skip for £10 a couple of weeks ago!! lol thats when it dawned on me to check the forums to see if any one else knew about this. Lo and behold, here you guys are. i also found this link: Linky

That confirms the same thing. all two guys, white van, surplus stock. all the key points match identically. This has been going on for a while I gather, and is not jus bound to England. It's at LEAST Euro wide.

So, other than palming them off onto a gullible "friend", is there any way people have found to make their money back?
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post Mon 13 Feb 2006, 16:08
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Im a student from Glasgow. Paid £300 for the pair .

The bloke said he was meant to be delivering 6 and had recived 8 and did i want the spare two. Seemed a really nice bloke had all the paper work etc.
Im gona try and see if i can get this scam broadcasted on T.V or radio because it seems that no one has done it already and enough people have suffered. I dont know if these guys are breaking the law or not but by telling everyone it will mean their evil will come to an end.
Even now the guys you bought the speakers off are probably speking to some one saying yeah they are really worth £1200 but i'll do them half price.
Evil basturds. If heven and hell exist these guy will live in eternal torment if that is any comfort. then they will think differently. ha ha ha
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post Mon 20 Feb 2006, 20:31
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Hi gys,
Just saw a pair on ebay and really liked the design and everithing.Surprisingly they were just 40 quid.The auction ended at 41 pounds + 20 delivery,so there are people who will pay 60GBP for them.
As they can not be found in any shop,I think 60 quid is what they are worth.
I am realy sorry for all of you who have paid 200+ pounds,
but hey,they realy are cute and if the sound is OK... tongue.gif
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post Tue 2 Sep 2008, 12:12
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Hey guys,
I have one of these speakers in really clean condition and the sound quality is actually really decent too, no distortion or crackling and it'll happly go to high volume from my technics amp (i havent taken it all the way up). I've been using for about 3 months as a studio speaker and all my music-tech head mates said it produces good quality sound. I know its just luck though as some of you guys have had crap sounding ones.

Yep they aren't what we thought and I paid £90 for this one, but if anyone wants it they are welcome to it for say £35.
I live in Cambridge so it would need to be picked up, or I dont mind a little drive to meet somewhere, plus it didn't come in a box! Did anyone elses?!
My email is [See my post LPM]
Feel part of the family!
Reason for edit: email in clear
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post Fri 5 Sep 2008, 19:50
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post Sat 6 Sep 2008, 05:00
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I am sorry to hear about all of this....this kind of stuff has been happening in the US for something like 25 years....I never fell for it but a co-worker of mine did about 8 years ago....Beware of deals that sound too good to be true...they probably are.
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post Wed 17 Dec 2008, 00:39
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Hi everyone...
Brendle speaker systems are a company in Finland and do ship to the u.k...
I have had a set of the BSS M-250 speakers for some years now of which I purchased from a friend who did acctually get them shipped in..
Didn't pay much for them either which was good as I was so pleased with my purchase..
They had amazing sound quality untill my ex girlfriends little brother poked one of the cones in!! ( Hence she is now the ex!! )
I am looking to get the speaker replaced at the moment as they are taht good when in good working order!
If I have any joy in getting the speaker replaced would you like me to get details of the company in Finland on here for you all to have a look at??
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post Wed 24 Oct 2018, 05:47
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QUOTE (tobz @ Tue 2 Dec 2003, 00:06) *
I managed to get swindled with these damn speakers too....although they sound good, i didnt really want them!
But hey, never least we have something for our money (on the bright side!)

Just wondering if anyone can help me tho... is it possible to test the power speakers for an output rating etc? I want to know the real stats on them because, as they are kinda dodgy, i reckon the stats given to us are incorrect too! Thinking of hooking up an amp to them, but dont know what power of amp to buy to make them sound good-ish!?
Any ideas anyone?

Is there any way people have found to make their money back?
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