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28 Jul 2004
i have got alot of midi gear that i used to use with old skool performer before it was digital. but i decided to listen to my friend and decided to upgrade to dp 4 and now im fucked. im trying to use my nord lead 2 as my midi controller, and just one of my midi sound modules (emu xl 1). but i cant seem to get this to work i have this running into a midi express xt. performer and the xt are updated the further i have seemed to have gotten is that the only thing that gets recorded via midi (fuck recording audio for now) is the nord but only when i have it enabled as the midi express #2. wtf. does anyone have any input it would be really be appreciated. oh and btw i am using an upgraded g3 to g4 comp (533 mhz)
im considering going back to using a mac performa and performer 5.5.
15 Jul 2004
okay i only have one midi device (nord lead 2) and its cool but i want to add a sound module how do i add this...its hooked up in the midi device window thru midi midi express xt but how do i make it so i can add it the screen(forgive me, but i dont know the name of the main screen where everthing is recorded and played back). right now there are only four nord midi tracks which i want sixteen and i want to add the sixteen midi tracks to the xl 1 by Emu. i hope this is clear.
10 Jul 2004
hell o everyone,
i am experiencing some trouble with my new set up and i need some help. im using an express xt, for my interface, nord lead 2 for my controller and an emu xl 1. i have set up everything in the midi and outs all hooked up, but the problem is that 1. when i hit record and play on the nord the data gets inputed but during playback nothing happens. 2. the xl1 wont even show up on the screen up on the main screen.
7 May 2004
hello, i am gonna upgrade my home studio with a g4 DP4 and keep on using my various midi synths. now i have not dealt with this whole firewire thing and all but, want to get started, what interface would you guys recommend that has firewire capabilities along with 8 midi outs? something that can be bought on ebay for around 5 or 600 dollars
31 Mar 2004
i just got my setup started after a long time. the problem is that i hooked up my controller(midi out) to the in of the interface(midi sport) the midi in and when i hit the record button and play nothing is showing up and recording. i am sure it is something simple. but kind of frustrated.
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