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22 Nov 2006


Before I get an iFoot or iPunch I recieved an E-mail from a 440 Forum Member asking for my help with an ADMINISTRATION problem.

Dear Mac Daddy,

I need your help? I have not been able to receive my daily posts by email from the forum for about 4 months now. When I noticed that I was not receiving daily emails from MacMusic, I visited the web site and logged in. As soon as my log in was accepted, the screen message told me that my email address must be changed because it no longer worked.

There's nothing wrong with my email address? I receive email all of the time from all over. I attempted to change it anyway and then the message told me that I should receive an email validation. I never did receive the revalidation email.

I've written the forum's administrator at least 15 times to try to get this fixed and have never received a reply. I can still log in to the MacMusic web site, but I cannot post to the forum. Everything keeps telling me that I have a "pending revalidation" that needs to be performed. And then I ask for the revalidation to be sent, but never receive it.

I miss the forum, I miss talking with you... Could you help me out by posting this for me? Maybe you could get someone's attention to help me out? Thanks.


Please look into this problem... if not I will continue to Post this message "EVERYDAY". Thank for your help.

Thank you so much.
7 Oct 2006
Don't Kill Me... I'm Just The Messenger...

Macintosh Quad

Sound On Sound Magazine said, and I quote:

"There does not seem to be an advantage for the musician using a Quad".

Sound On Sound said it! Yes, as far as I'm concerned they are the Gospel. They try and test gear everyday... fabulous gear the rest of us can only dream about... for the moment it's 'Dual's Rule'.
7 Oct 2006
Does anyone know how to go about converting "Audio To MIDI" or does everyone know except me?

Can it be done in Logic or is there a Software required?

I have been searching but have not found the right Mac answer. (however, I'm a little wiser about converting... but no closer to how or using what to accomplish it)

Seen heaps of 'Free' Downloads for PC's, but I've found nothing for Macintosh. This is the only time I don't like Mac... There is very little "Stuff" for them.... Hey, I'm allowed to bitch as much money as I've given Macintosh!

I have 14 Professional Studio Tracks of "Whup Ass" Audio... The thought that I can MIDI it all is "Thrilling and Fulfilling'...

So, does anyone have the 411 (Information) on: Audio to MIDI Converting? No: "I think"... No "I heard" No "if you try this it might".... Only accurate 100% Whizz Kid replies...
22 Sep 2006
lepetitmartien... Is there anything you don't know? Do you look like Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings? You must be a Wizard. I cannot tell you how much I learn reading your Solutions, Tips and Advice. It really got quiet in here While you were away. You fixed everyones problems and they stopped Posting. ... Hence, I started adding my: 'Tree fifdy' $3.50, sounds like more but is not worth as much as 2

I know I carry on about lepetitmarien like I'm a star struck Backstage Fan, but I recognize 'Talent' when I see it and I have serious respect for you... Now, my first Technical Problem/Question for you.

I have Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition. When I try to Open I get a message: "Yo, Homeboy... "Contents Not Found"... I can see both on my HD... "Master... (Not to be confused with... American Slave 'Massuh' or a S&M Master... Oh hell no!) What is Grasshopper to do with nearly 600 Euros spent and 3 Gig space used and not a 'Plucking' note! I have fxpansions VST-AU Adaptor, I was probably one of the first to own that little goodie... back when I had money... a long long time ago...

G5 OSX Logic Pro 7. I am thinking of selling it and getting the New and Improved Virtual Guitarist... AU Compatible out the box... But, if I can get what I have working I'll be content finding the contents...
I could go to my Tech, but that means, washing, dressing, packing, driving, Petrol/Gas, waiting, money, seeing people, please... don't make me go out...

Talk to me.... Or I'm it's Forum Classifieds... Thanks in advance... Don't worry, you're still the smartest Mac Whizz I know... Can ya help me?
23 Mar 2006
Lepetit Martian,

Bon Jour. I'm in Paris! Just for the week. Checked my E-mails using a French Keyboard! No wonder the French are so intelligent you have to be quasi genius just to use it! Anyway, I think you should change your name to the Le Grand Martian! Back in Hamburg, Samedi. France is Rockin'. Students, beautiful women Ooh-La-La, Clubs, Concerts, Radio Stations! I did not realize how great and culturally superior to US, UK and most other countries it is! Creative and verbal expression. Vive La France!
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