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19 Apr 2005
Hi Everyone!

I want to start using my iBook in a live configuration to play loops/samples and play some synth sounds on stage.

I'm not a good keyboarder and will only be using this setup to play some basic riffs and trigger loops.

Which keyboard do you recommend? I've been looking at the M-Audio O2, M-Audio Keystation 49 and similar products in the M-Audio lineup.

Does anyone have experience with something like this?
What interface would be used to get the sound to the clubs soundsystem? Do any of these keyboards have included audio interfaces? How good is the quality?

Would the iMic be enough as an audio-out device? I know the audio-in quality isn't so great, but I think the audio-out is a bit better....

Would appreciate any feedback anyone has.


aptmunich [use the safe email link on the member's page or here in the left column pop up menu]
14 May 2004
M-Audio Transit

Hi, I am considering this interface as a cheaper alternative to something like the tascam us-122 which is a bit too expensive at the moment.

I think i can manage with the limited functions it offers, all i need now is some confirmation that it'll run fairly stable...

anyone tried this interface before? I think I'm going to get logic express 6 at some later point in time, do you think this will work with that too?

Thanks for any help!

7 May 2004
Hi, i was just checking out the emagic website, when i noticed the education tab at the top.

Thinking they might have special student discounts i looked at it and noticed that emagic offer a free version of logic (vers. 4.8 i think) for students.

Does anyone know if this will run under osx? I haven't got my ibook yet, but would like to use logic express when i do get it...

Should i bother downloading this, or shall i just mess around with garageband until i can afford logic express.

anyone know if there is a student version available (like the office version for students and teachers?)


21 Apr 2004
Hi i'm new to recording in general and am even newer to macs.

I have previously done some gentle recording and mixing/editing using maxix audio studio 7, but haven't done much else.

I ordered the iBook 12" 1Ghz recently (had ordered the 800Mhz version last friday but thank god they had problems with my bank details so i'm getting the faster one!)

When i get the iBook i would like to record a few demos with guitar and vocals.
The guitar is hooked up to a line 6 pod 2.0 and we currently use a shure microphone (forgotten the exact model, it's the one everyone has smile.gif for the vocals.

Now the questions:

1) The vocals are fed through a Peavey power mixer, does this count as a 'preamp'? I'm assuming it does as the preamp is mainly to boost the microphone signal for recording, have i got this right?

2) What is the best solution for getting a line in connection to the ibook. I've seen products like the tascam u22 and the m-audio audiophile usb box, but they are all fairly expensive.

Could i get away using something like griffin's iMic? Or can you recommend something up to $100?

As for software, will Garageband be enough to get me started? I don't need a midi sequencer (never bothered with midi...) just something simple to record and do a bit of basic editing/mixing.

3) I'm going to be using shure e3c in ear monitors, anything i should beware of when mixing with headphones and not speakers?

4) Can i use the compressor/limiter in the line 6 pod 2.0 (designed for guitars) to compress vocals?

Any other pointers would be gratefully recieved!!!


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