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> Keyboard Player Looking For Expert On Classic Rock, Earn $$$$ if good.
post Wed 9 Jan 2008, 14:45
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QUOTE (Mac Daddy @ Sat 29 Dec 2007, 09:42) *
Actually sounds like a band... The Loop Jockeys...

thecoddled egg

thecoddled egg, I have 0 New Messages. I will gladly present an example of my varied styles of music. However, I know how MIDI Musicians are about "Real Music". I have heaps of MIDI "Software and Hardware Stuff" Ten thousand Euros worth or more, not bragging, I have yet been able to experiment with it much as I have my hands full learning, mixing and fixing 18-20 Recordings that were done in a Professional Studio three years ago. At that time I was performing in Disney's Lion King and was making heaps of cash. Germany has great Hard and Software. I went on a shopping spree. I have not been on a stage in all that time, in fact I have only been seated in front of Monitors, Visual and Speakers and heaps of brand new Processors I have yet to really experiment with. I am still not satisfied with the results to my satisfaction, yet I would proudly present it in front of or allow, "musicians" critique it for composition, chord use, dymanics, choice of instrumentation. Not from a novice or someone who is dreaming of one day becoming a musician. Which are you? I'm a Professional. I'll even give you my "Professional Name" so you can Google. However, most of that is Film, Theatre, Voice-Overs, Commercials and stuff.

When I was 30 years old I got fed up with bands and all the crap that goes on, and went into Show Biz... I was always the Front Man for the band, the singer always gets the girls, you'd know this is true if you were a musician, I was obviously big and bad enough to do it, and I did. Today, I'm in Hamburg or Harlemburg as I call it. I grew up in New York, when you could see and hear Coltrane or Miles play for $5.00. Oh, Miles is Miles Davis. The Trumpet Player. The... Oh, never mind... You can Google him too. I have travel and lived in many parts of the World, not as a Tourist, living in many places for several years and the largest concentrations of Professional Musicians are in New Your, Las Vegas and LA. I have played with some of the best musicians on Earth, no name dropping so I don't care how good one guy in his home studio is, it just don't pluck my heart chords, MIDI combined is 100% cool. But all MIDI... Maybe, Hans Zimmer. Back to my music. Send your E-mail Address in a "MESSAGE" and I send you some examples of a collection of "Original" songs in styles of, Pop, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Jazz in a Genre I'm calling "World Soul". I'm proud of my music. It will stand anywhere. People into Electronica are more into altered waves than sound waves. That's why everyone loves their synths... You don't really have to play. If you can really play, you're most likely "Playing" a "Live Gig" in the "Real World" not CyberSpace... Yes, I know there are CyberSpace Bands... They sure ain't getting air play in the "Real World", Radio, Royalties... It's more entertainment for similar types... The worst noise, it could not be called music I've ever heard was in one of those SynthCast things. You could have taken a room full of chimps and gotten better results. Just 60 or more people playing, inventing, improvising a song. It's difficult enough to get 4 players who rehearse for a week to sound good. 60 non-musicians signing on and playing a song together in 10 minutes is insane.

The only musicians I know who are really into computers are the Keyboard Players. The other musicians are usually, Practicing, Playing or Partying... That's the voice of experience speaking to you "thecoddled egg" whomever you are no matter what age, gender, race, etc.

The statement I made about "Rockers being found in 440 are true. When have you last heard a "Rock MIDI Song"... Get real. Most of The 440 Members are mostly experimenting with samples, loops and thangs and hoping to find the right combination or sounds that might make them rich or at least pay for all the gear they have, need or want... Others are just having fun or are curious, but everyone dreams of making money with their music...


We will deal via E-mail... Or via Message... Did I mention "thecoddled egg" I had 0 Messages? If not, "Ooops Dere It Isz"!

Ain't nothing phoney about me "thecoddled egg" except my very expensive Dental work, a singer got to have that "Twenty Grand" look. In fact, I'm going to re-writing the old say "Sex, Drugs And Rock and Roll" to "Dames, DAW's and Dentistry".

Hi Mac Daddy,

Sorry that it's taken me so long to find out that you hadn't received my private message to you (my ineptitude). I've been forced to heal lying on my back for the last week and a half. I wish I could just forward my message again but it's out there in the ozone somewhere. It was pretty long so I'll just recap it.

In it, I told you that like yourself, I'm an older guy turning 59 next month, and that I love creating music on my computer using Logic 8, Reason 4 and Vienna instruments, and that I don't use loops at all, not that there's anything wrong with that. I can MIDI good drum tracks faster than I can edit drum loops to get what I want, etc. I went on to let you know where you could hear my "old Stuff" and iTunes etc. from when my band was charting on Billboard with two Hot 100 albums, a Top 40 single and 3 other Hot 100 singles back in the day. It's all so dated now that I just thought I'd keep it private between you and me (1979-1982), but I thought you might find it interesting or at least amusing to know where I was coming from.

The rest of my message to you, and I don't mind this being in the public forum, was thanks for helping me and so many people along, for taking the time to answer questions, some that you've had to repeat several times. I enjoy your humor. Thanks for keeping us on track and tracking!

thecoddled egg
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post Thu 24 Jan 2008, 07:43
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it seems like I fit in this stable...Studied music classical, recitals, big band, orchetration and arranging and then came midi...Midi resolved my problems when I wanted to create...I cease to have to deal with musicians with hang ups, hang overs, substance abuse, attitudes, tardiness, and all the other crap...I still like to use live instruments with midi instruments...i still like to write in my own drums...old school approach, new school technology...i use DP5, Traveler, 25 hardware synths and 20 software synths...i still use my 4 track approach, hit record and play, keyboard parts, bass, and drums...calls for some good natural nuances...Any way would love to exchange ideas with any DP users...peace
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