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Will care much more of his homestudio combining the best of analog and digital if only he wasn't here so much ;). Dream at night of modular patching (and do it sometimes during the day :)
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26 Apr 2012
I've just killed my third or fourth battery in 6 years for my Blackbook (A1181), first was Apple, others were chinese compatible. What can I say about this:

- they all die the same way (erratic functioning heading to computer issues, inflating)
- Apple's are consistent in capacity (high to start with), compatible are sometimes same, sometimes less…
- Apple's may last longer (a little…)
- price is not the same definitely.

All in all, given they all die after a year/year and a half, without even reaching the limits they should, I don't see the point to pay the Apple premium in this regard. Especially as the warranty is taylored to not cover the batteries when they fail anyway (far from their supposed limits…) tongue.gif
6 Oct 2011
Une pensée pour sa famille, ses enfants et ses amis… Steve a rejoint Marcia baila…

Et dire que les seules présentations flamboyantes qui vont nous rester seront celles de Ballmer… (soupir)
7 Jul 2011
Pour les nouveaux qui n'arrivent pas à poster un nouveau fil. C'est bête mais ça marche (enfin normalement… blink.gif

(cherchez pas, on a parfois de ces bugs pervers…)

Donc répondez ici et ensuite allez essayer de poster.
5 Jul 2011
First, this is the work of 12 monkeys, first translated by melenko, thanks for the job guys!

Coming from version 10.6.8 I moved to 10.7 (Build 11A494a).
It needs 3 steps:
1/ when the installation step is launched, you will be prompted to select some options like the reset of your password, Time Machine, restore, Lion install…
2/ the Mac reboots after +- 3 minutes. During that time, it copied the installation folders on the target HD.
3/ reboot

Then you are in the familiar install environment again and the installation finishes in the usual time (about half an hour).

New features:
- everything seems to be more precise, graphically speaking.
- the system seems to be more responding.
- Mission Control is very intuitive.
- automatic restore of opened apps after a reboot, including documents.
- full screen for the apps.
- automatic resizing of the windows, plus resizing from any border.
- evolved management of the Multi-Touch.
- The Library folders are hidden

All of the apps like Mail, Adresses, iCal seem have better GUI. and are fast.

PT needs probably to be installed again. Part of it is labelled as incompatible software and moved to a folder thus named that way.

AU plugs concerns in Logic: the ones that couldn't pass the validation process are
- Izotope Spectron and Trash.
- PSP Pseudo Stereo, Stereo Controller, Stereo Enhancer.
- Sonnox Debuzzer, Denoiser.
- Altiverb 6.3.5.
- Melodyne Editor 1.1.5
- Amplitube metal.

For the rest of the VI's it seems OK.

Note that he has loads of plugins, the issues only are reported.

This it on a beta, he's testing the golden master now, so more to come.
26 Jun 2011
Bon déjà ça coince avec le Symphony d'Apogee
MPORTANT MESSAGE Regarding Symphony 32 compatibility with Mac OS 10.6.8
Apogee Engineering has discovered an incompatibility between the Symphony 32 PCIe card and Mac OS X 10.6.8. To work around this issue, we recommend that Symphony 32 users remain on Mac OS X 10.6.7 or below. All other current Apogee products are fully compatible with Mac OS 10.6.8

(merci killingjoke)
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