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Fixed1t's Garageband Blog

Creating Cross platform Garageband Songs and Samples on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and External Samplers
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entry Sun 7 Jul 2013, 16:27
I've created a new video:

I start the video by showing that the Mac Garageband standard software instruments are not compatible with the instruments on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running IOS Garageband,

Having shown the issue the video goes on to show how the new fixed1t custom Software Instruments allow a high level of compatibility as I create a Bach Concerto in Mac Garageband using strings and port it successfully to the iPad.

I finish the video with a midi version of Black Magic Woman I created in Mac Garageband and converted, this which shows that the fixed1t software instruments contain:


I hope you like the video, it really shows the flexibility and speed of using the converter, along with the fixed1t Mac Garageband Software Instruments are a great combination. You wouldn't want to be doing it manually. Would You? ;-)

Here is the video:
video of using midi files in garageband


entry Fri 21 Jun 2013, 23:58
I don't know if you have been affected yet, but YouTube have moved to a whole new format, I prefer the old format, but they've been prompting me then forcing me to change. Although I have an interesting collection of videos I didn't have a showreel and doing one that covered the diverse areas of my video, i.e. replacing the midi circuit on a Roland MV8000, Converting Garageband loops to an obscure format to quickly import into the Roland MC-808 to cleaning mould off your shower was difficult.

But as I had been concentrating (to keep myself sane whilst stuck at home) on developing little pieces of software I decide I'd make the first showreel about those software videos. It's just 1 min 52 seconds long and shows a couple of songs being built up by converting and sharing songs between Mac Garageband and Garageband running on an iPad and iPod Touch.

It's a really quick way to work and can be done by users send each other zipped up garageband songs, and converting this in seconds to the version they have.

Please take a look:

Mac Garageband to iPad and iPod Converter Showreel

and comment, give it the thumbs up if you like it. Ask any questions you like ;-)

Thanks fixed1t

entry Wed 19 Jun 2013, 17:50

Shortly after I published the Mac Garageband - iPad collaborative video, another musician contacted me to asked if the converted files would work on an iPad 5.

I really hadn't considered converting for the iPod or iPhone as I was so used to using the iPad, and to be honest I'd deleted Garageband from my iPod and iPhone. So I re-installed then and set about upgrading my converter, and realised it would make more sense to develop another converter that come do:

Attached Image

I then took my demo song and ported it to my 4th Generation iPod Touch.

Attached Image

I then created a video filming my iPod Touch running my converted jazziMidi song with my iPhone and posted it on youtube:

Mac Garageband file converter and running on the 4th Generation iPod Touch

If you like the video please five it a thumbs up or a like.

I also released the new:

fixed1t software website - new converter for iPhone and iPod touch

Hope you find the video informative and follow the instructions on the software website to request a trial copy.

Thanks fixed1t

entry Wed 19 Jun 2013, 17:27
Having created my first converter, a number people enquired if I have a video that should how a song can be built up collaboratively with say somebody on a Mac running Garageband and somebody remotely working on an iPad.

I therefore got together some really nice samples for the famous track, Sweet Home Alabama and moving the song from one platform to the other I built up a song a track at a time.

Attached Image

Attached Image

The video can be seen at my fixed1t youtube page:

youtube video of building a layered song using Mac Garageband and Ipad Garageband

Please take a look, and give the thumbs up or like.

One really important thing to note. As a Real instrument sample or loop is added on one platform, after conversion it is there in full on the other.

Cheers fixed1t

entry Wed 19 Jun 2013, 16:59
Like a lot of people I've been using Garageband on the Mac for years and decided to invest in an iPad version so I could work on new songs either on the Mac

Attached Image

or on the iPad.

Attached Image

I thought as they both had the same name they would share the same files. I was disappointed to discover that this was not the case.

Being a curious programer, I had a look at the file format and realised that each platform change the XML code, WHY? who knows. I made the changes to the files and found that they worked. But after doing this manually a few dozen times and screwing up a number of songs due to clumsy hands, tired eyes or messing around at 2am, I decided to write myself a simple program to do it automatically. One of those 30 minute jobs that takes weeks

The result was my:

fixed1t Garageband Mac to iPad 2 and iPad 3 converter

You can review the video at my fixed1t youtube site:

fixed1t Mac Garageband to iPad Garageband Converter Video

You can request a trial version of the software at my fixed1t website

fixed Garageband to iPad software webpage

Shortly after releasing the software, somebody asked about an iPad mini version, so I added it to the list of converters.

If your a Garageband user wanting to share songs with musicians on other platforms, take a look.

Cheers fixed1t

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