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Posted by: Jsegura Sat 15 Jul 2006, 11:16

How the voice is prepared before a session? You have some trick that you can recommend to me? Thanks for the advice.

Posted by: Sophisticated Lady Fri 18 Aug 2006, 15:47

QUOTE (Jsegura @ Sat 15 Jul 2006, 12:16) *
How the voice is prepared before a session? You have some trick that you can recommend to me? Thanks for the advice.

First, you have to take care of your voice few days before session. Do not smoke if you are smoker, avoid shouting and even loudly speaking, take honey with milk every day for a few times. Just before session you have to prepare your vocal for singing. You should do some Breathing and Vocal Exercises.
Breathing Exercises

1. Imagine your lungs as a tire around your body expanding and contracting on the back and sides of your torso, not just the front.

2. Draw in a steady breath to the count of three.

3. Wait for a count of three. Think of your breath being suspended rather than held.

4. Allow your breath to flow out to the count of five.

5. Listen to the blowing breath.

6. Try to keep the flow of your breath even.

7. Wait for a slow count of three.

8. Repeat the exercise.

1. Lie down on a flat surface.

2. Slowly raise your right leg to an angle of 90 degrees.

3. Breathe in steadily, holding your position, to the count of three.

4. Lower your leg to the floor, breathing out slowly.

5. Repeat the exercise with your left leg raised.

6. Repeat the exercise raising both legs. Pulling in your abdomen will tighten and build up the muscles required for proper breathing.

7. Repeat the exercise five times.

1. Imagine entering a room. You see a letter on the table.

2. Pick up the letter and begin to read.

3. Act startled by a particular passage and exclaim, "Ah!" The swift breath you took before exclaiming is right for most singing.

Vocal Exercise

1. Say "le" and "la" out loud, with the vowels pronounced in the Italian manner (say "le" rather than "lay-ee" and "la" rather than "la-uh").

2. Join the vowels "a" and "e" together with the "l" in an arc of sound, flicking your tongue briskly to make the "l" sound as short as possible.

3. Practice this exercise for a few minutes.

4. Say the Italian vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u, prefixed by the lip consonant "m".

5. Pronounce these sounds in the following fashion: "ma" as the "a" in father; "me" as the "a" in gate; "mi" as in machine; "mo" as the "o" in more; "mu" as the "oo" in school.

6. To produce the right "m" sound, spring your lips apart to allow the vowel sound to flow and be projected.

7. Keep the flow of your breath constant throughout the exercise.

Italian vowels are constantly used in singing. Familiarize yourself with Italian pronunciation.

Improving your pronunciation of consonants (l, m, p, t, d, f, g, n, s, v, z) will help to exercise your tongue. For instance, instead of using the whole length of your tongue to produce the "l," just curl the tip of your tongue backward. It really makes it easier to say it.


1. Sing the melody of a any song, using the Italian vowels from above instead of actually singing the lyrics. This is called vocalizing.

2. Vocalize this song on "la" and "ma," keeping a steady flow of breath.

3. Finally, sing the song using the actual lyrics. Try not to look at the words; pretend that you are looking at an audience in front of you instead.

If there are still some problems with your voice I suggest you take a glass of white wine - it will make your voice more clear.

Whether amateur or professional, when preparing to perform as a singer, remember: You want to be a success. You want to enjoy the experience. You want to learn from the experience. You want to be asked to sing again.


Sophisticated Lady

Posted by: Jsegura Sat 26 Aug 2006, 11:23

Bravo Sophisticated Lady, your method is awesome! I like much!

Posted by: SpinmanFinn Mon 25 Sep 2006, 02:23

That's some serious preparation, Lady, bravo!

any tips for chronic rappers, though?


Posted by: Tigonis Yesis Fri 13 Jul 2007, 13:40

Classic ! But the old school rock and roll preparation was - smoke - drink - scream - holler - and maybe eat some raw lemons or limes just before the session. I ain't really recommending this but it worked for years! I hope this was of some help ?

Posted by: lepetitmartien Thu 22 Jul 2010, 17:23

Hello pollinsmadons, nothing will alter your voice after breaking, it's all in the genes. But I strongly suggest you avoid smoking/alcool and most cancers near the throat zone wink.gif

Plus you can't foresee before how it'll be after, just have hints when it'll break. The transition from soprano to bass-baryton is always fun, I did itů I was ok as a kid singer (not solo material though) but my adult voice is way more interesting.

I remember the hard time I had at the music school, with the voice breaking, changing of octave every few seconds. One important thing to know:, if you can't decide your voice type and select it (save if you want to destroy it, which I strongly recommend you not to), you can still exert it during the months/year it'll change. It's not wasted, just don't abuse, it'll be very frustrating as you won't have much control, but you can still play your instrument even if it's (very) unreliable. This way, you'll know exactly when it'll be stable again, and you will already know partially your voice.

My professor then was very helpful, so that I was not frustrated of months of such bad control. And the exercising sure helped me posing my voice nicely.

Don't be frustrated when it'll happen, it'll come and go, and it can be for the better. Just don't expect too much during the transition. And don't try/believe you can choose your future voice, it's already in you, brewing. I hope for the best.

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