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440 Forums _ Linux Music _ Propellerheads Rebirth On Wine/linux Propellerheads

Posted by: crosfire Mon 30 Jul 2007, 17:50

Hi I was wondering if someone is running propellerheads rebirth on a linux system throu wine. Rebirth is now avaible for free download from as an installation iso (that is needed to be inserted while the program is runing) that you can burn on a cd, or use in virtual-cd-like program. The main question is: How setup wine, and loop-mount the rebirth iso cd to properly work on a linux platform? The second question is: Is rebirth running in wine from a burned cd? Becouse if it doesnt run from a burned iso, then it probably won't run from a loop-device.

Posted by: Teraz Ja Tue 4 Sep 2007, 13:57

Just found that they re-released (a linux Rebirth clone). Currently I don't have a soundcard, so I can't test it. It runs without problem on fc4 system (but I can't say anything about the sound quality).

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