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Posted by: ruiyu Thu 28 Oct 2021, 02:56 is a kind of human hair wigs also called short human hair bob wigs or bob human hair wigs. These kind of wigs are usually short and bouncy and suitable for all kinds of customers especially for the guys who are busy on working or mothers who do not have time or energy to style long hair or the hair wig beginners. So big advantage of bob wigs is short and also lower density than the normal wigs and then what we should take care on the is about the density and the shedding and tangles and also the parting style problems.

How Do You Make A Bob Wig Look Natural?
Prepare wig
How to Make A Bob Wig Look Natural. You should cut off all the hair on the edge of the wig so that they won’t be caught when the wig is fixed to the head. This is especially important when fixing wigs with adhesive glue. For lace wigs, the lace should be trimmed as close as possible to the hairline, taking care not to damage the hairline.

Preparing hair
Your natural hair needs to be braided or evenly placed on the scalp. Care should be taken to pull all natural hair back from the hairline. Some women choose to roll natural hair into soft, large curls against their heads.

Prepare the skin
How to Make A Look Natural. You can gently wipe the oil on the hairline with a solution of alcohol on a cotton swab. This helps ensure a firm connection of the wig to the skin. Whether using tape or glue, the scalp should be applied to the scalp. For those with hair, use a flesh-colored wig cap to protect the natural hair. The wig cap should cover all natural hair. To keep the lid in place, apply adhesive to the edges of the lid and to the skin.

If you are using glue, apply a thin coat on the hairline with a small make-up brush or a make-up stick. If using a soft adhesive, do not apply a wig immediately. Wait until the glue gets sticky. If a hard adhesive is used, the wig can be used immediately because this type of glue will bond immediately. For those who use tape, cut the double-sided tape to the desired length until it covers the entire hairline. Fix one side to the hairline of the skin and press firmly.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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