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440 Forums _ Strings _ New Electric Guitar Chord Kit

Posted by: original-music Fri 15 Apr 2011, 00:19

Electric Guitar Chord Kit

5x Guitar Tones
808x Chords
460x Notes
Interval-Based Legato Sampling
110x Nki Instruments
Intelligent Chord Instruments
Up & Down Strums
24 Bit 44,100hz Wav
Kontakt 2+

'Electric Guitar Chord Kit' contains a massive 5.34Gb, playing 800+ chords and 460 notes. Includes up and down strums.

Enables easy song writing by using the included 'Intelligent Chord Instruments' and chord progressions.

Developed solely for song writing, 'Electric Guitar Chord Kit' is a new advanced guitar sampler instrument that re-creates guitar strums.

Play any Major, Minor, Diminished, 7th, 9th Power chords and single notes in five guitar tones up and down strokes.

Implements interval-based legato sampling. Enables you to play all up-and-down chromatic scale steps up to an octave.

Includes a kontakt script playing up and down strum groups. 'Electric Guitar Chord Kit' has full real time control over all expressive factors like dynamics, bend direction/speed, bend type, and vibrato.

All guitar samples are played by Andy Vickery. "one of the most inventive young guitarists around". -Total Guitar

For more information, please visit:

Posted by: lepetitmartien Fri 15 Apr 2011, 14:37

Please, there's a news section you can send your press releases to. wink.gif

Email is press AT macmusic DOT org

Posted by: roykmedley Tue 11 Sep 2012, 05:46

It teaches your fingers to move independently. There are more variations you will find, but this is good for beginners.

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