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440 Forums _ Polls _ Your favorite audio sequencer?

Posted by: Soif Mon 1 Jul 2002, 16:02

I you wish to comment your vote, just answer to this topic!

Posted by: macaudiolab Fri 5 Jul 2002, 05:49

QUOTE (webmaster @ Jul 1 2002, 15:02)
I you wish to comment your vote, just answer to this topic!

I live in California and the majority of Mac Audio guys & gals are either Performer, Protools, or Logic Audio. I have to say that Digital Performer offers the best performance and sound for the money and integrates with soft synths well. I use Native Instruments in DP3 all the time. Pro Tools is definitely the microsoft of audio and does not allow sensible upgrade options. Logic is, well umm, Logic is Apple now so that should be interesting. But DP looks like the best choice for me. laugh.gif

Posted by: data5 Fri 5 Jul 2002, 15:20

as I have mainly been using audio these past years and have been tought PT, it remains my favourite sequencer. I have got accostumed to its ease of use, and the professionalism of its' sound and plugins.Yet, I really regret that PT (LE 5.1)_on the contrary of Logic_lacks of tools of creativity (speacking mainly of midi), especially as I have come to use more synths and samplers nowadays. I know very little about DP, and Cubase is...(no comment) wink.gif

Posted by: III777III Fri 5 Jul 2002, 22:37

Logic Audio all the way

Ive been a PRO TOOLS user for POST PRODUCTION Houses 8 years + solid every other day, as well as major Label music staff STUDIOS and PRO TOOLS with LOGIC AUDIO is the most you can get from a DAW..

DP3 is nice for $$$
SVP (opcode was the easiest) and dp riped it off
Logic had a learining curve but apple fixed that allready!!!
Pro Tools 5 software was a acception for music Production

but if you want to have automation like dp3, Pow dithering, OSX and even suround sound and more tracks then pro tools for music production its LOGIC AUDIO

SERIOUSLY LOGIC IS THE FUTURE FOR MAC, but i do feel terrible about PC cuase i use logic fo work and want to walk into any room , even if they only have a PC and just run my session or continue from both platforms..[B]

Posted by: kaboombahchuck Mon 8 Jul 2002, 05:56

I use cakewalk metro 5 for both midi and audio synking. I always have a wonderful time, no problems with VST plugs. Simple and plain, just how I like it.

Posted by: prutulz Tue 9 Jul 2002, 15:15

Protools rocks!
Ones used with it, all is so simple to do!
Even complex task can be easely archived with some apple-c/apple-v or shift-clik ...

IMHO the best macintosh-feel software, (despite digidesign marketing policy....)

Performer is also really mac-friendly and has some great features (smapler support, polar, ...).

Cubase used to play NOT in tempo....

Logic is too complex to use...

Posted by: ioGirl Sat 20 Jul 2002, 16:18

Maybe I'm crazy or maybe there's a memo I missed or something....but I love Nuendo.

I have PT and DP and LA but have taken to Nuendo. I have No problems with latency. No problems with plugins. No problems at all.

Am about to get the 828. Perhaps this will be a new awakening for me. But for now,...I'm very satisfied.


Posted by: Synthetik Wed 24 Jul 2002, 18:25

I like performer for sequencing, But what happed to Master Tracks Am I the last Master Tracks user? Master Tracks is the utmost sophisticated and fun to use sequencer

Posted by: add9 Wed 31 Jul 2002, 08:48

I voted Logic Audio simply because I know it well.
Many of my friends have gone over to ProTools, but I like the saying "Don't change horses in the middle of a stream" biggrin.gif

Posted by: kjacobs51 Fri 2 Aug 2002, 00:18

QUOTE (webmaster @ Jul 1 2002, 15:02)
I you wish to comment your vote, just answer to this topic!

the engine of the Ensoniq VFX-SD workstation

Posted by: ben1969 Sun 4 Aug 2002, 23:55

cubase the one for me , to much snobbery with logic users

Posted by: bigheaven Wed 7 Aug 2002, 04:43

I voted Logic as it is more afordable than Protools.PT has the better audio editing,Logic better midi.I use Logic4.8.1 with Motu 896 firewire and sync to analogue 8 or 16 track.My wish list is for Logic to improve its ease of use with audio editing and more intuitive access to those many hidden functions /possibilities etc.

Posted by: musicastle Thu 8 Aug 2002, 00:58

I use logic all the way till it comes to that real hardcore mixing. Nothing, still, can beat protools for audio editing. Yeah, for small projects and not so big budget projects, logic or other softwares will suffice. But for the real guys, I think, protools still dominates. Digidesign is a bunch of really professional guys who just can't compromise. Look at M-Box for example. It is a great sounding interface with that preamp!!! I used to have EMI2/6, but it is a toy compared to digidesign's product.

Overall, Logic is the best software for me. But I still use Protools for the final touch. A lot is to with plugins and the algorithm.

I think being able to use different softwares will give you much possiblity.

Posted by: wolf Thu 8 Aug 2002, 11:11

I voted for Logic because I think it offers the best integration of midi & audio generated tracks. However, I never use the logic plugins because they lack the sofistication and subtlety of some third party effects such as Waves. I am also hoping that Apple/Emagic will come out with DSP cards (like the powercore) that are dedicated to Logic. This way, emagic can start competing head on with ProTools.

I guess the best sequencer is the one you are used to and you are quick working with. The definition of a good system is the one that gives you the most time for creative work as opposed to fiddling about with technical stuff.

Posted by: Ronim Fri 9 Aug 2002, 05:10

Cubase really rocks. I've got Digi 001 and I barely use Pro Tools. I think Cubase sounds much better. Digital Performer is ok too but too much complicated.
By the way how to use Logic properly? I've got Logic Platinum 4.7 + ESI EXS24 and don't know how to set it up properly.

Posted by: III777III Fri 9 Aug 2002, 14:54

QUOTE (ben1969 @ Aug 4 2002, 22:55)
cubase the one for me , to much snobbery with logic users

I would not say snobery, its has its limits but CUBASE lacks even more and i think thats what the difference is, as a sequincer logic had more to offer..

1-i love the automation more then pro tools,
2-more plugs...

ide say the best audio sequencers are LOGIC audio for music and PRO TOOLS for just audio and post...

Studio vision Pro may make the #3 and WAY above dp3 when it arrives, where it allways was the app DP3 played windows with, everytime SVP version arived, Dp cloned a pretier interface of it...

Cubase is great for VSt intruments but if you use mac forget VSTs cuase they will be a thing of the past after apple makes a new standard..simpy called PLUG INS..

Cubase is better on a PC i think, i wish logic stays with PCs too.;
but if you see the osx version of logic i think you will admit its not like a apple its a UNIX!!! so getting a apple G4 or 5 in the future wont wound a PC users pride..

I dont want to tango with PC/Mac wars or even sequincer wars at all im nutral so i have to be honest and say i just want a audio tool that fits the PRO envirement and keeps heading that direction for higher quality.

I had arguments with posts regarding what pro is, so for anyone please do not freak out and think pro means MORE EXPENSIVE and higher standards

It to me means a application that can adapt to any audio users needs wether it be vst toys like reason and drum machines OR to the ability for house sync with a black burst generator for sound to picture, all audio apps can simply do this but most important that they are SOLID (osx is) and no compromises and gags (overloads) etc. thats profesional..

In the PRO AUDIO world that companies pay the TOP dollars for they usualy demand new solutions to work with , like products that are healthier to the eyes and ears and to make them easier and more usefull, also most important the highest quality audio and video to help produce the finals..well the DAW is realy here now and ready, no pro tools hardware even required anymore.....

The digidesign overpriced propaganda is dead!!! you could scrub natively, multi track with anycard at low latency and even run 96 tracks since 1996 so i thnk they got the money they wanted fom the most of the BIG companies and even little guys that could not afford real time automation...

Logic 5.2 is the closest you will ever get to that system today, but i also wish again the audio would get better, but i have to say the audio is FAR better then cubase, DP3 and most other competitors cuase if you realy work with these tools all day, you will have to admit LOGIC AUDIO is tight there with PRO TOOLS...


Posted by: Synthetic Fri 9 Aug 2002, 19:38

"Pro Tools is definitely the microsoft of audio and does not allow sensible upgrade options."

Ohh now... common. That comment was totally uncalled for. I would never put ProTools and Microsoft in a similie comparing one to the other LOL. ProTools has always been marketed to more the professional user than the home hobbyist until the release of ProTools LE. I really don't see the need to have a silver, gold, platinum etc. like Logic does but Logic is marketed to more than the pro users so it may work better for them to do it that way.

I use ProTools LE and just got Logic. I see how Logic has more control for midi sequencing and midi work but... if you are used to just recording audio, doing lots of cuts and edits and such and not using midi... I still prefer to use ProTools. I like the way it handles regions of audio and organizes them plus I like zooming in on a track and making edits to the waveform directly to the track and not having to switch back and forth between the arrange window and waveform editing window. Sequencing audio clips is easier for myself in ProTools as well. I like Logic but when I just want to lay something down quick and do some quick edits... i go to ProTools.

cubase the one for me , to much snobbery with logic users

Also, how can someone select a sequencer based on "snobbery of other users". I find that quite amusing but yet puzzling.

Posted by: Levon River Sat 10 Aug 2002, 15:51

I've tried them all and Digital Performer has proven to be the best for my purposes. With the Spark plug (pun intended) or VSTWrapper you have access to many of the VST plugs and virtual instrument, as well as the great array of MAS plugs available.

Despite problems I have with its MIDI editing interface, it does allow tremendously fast inputting of MIDI parts, and great ways to manipulate them; it's "Human Feel" algorithm gives great control for randomizing, e.g., drum parts.

It also pretty painlessly gives you access to third party sound generation programs like NI virtual instruments, Unity, etc.

It's also a very aesthetic program. well designed, with a completely integrated design across it's modules. (One of the [many] things I can't abide in Cubase is that parts of it look like they were designed last week, and other parts carried over from last decade.)

I won't comment on Digidesign because I don't think I could come up with anything to say that would be fit for a public forum. But Logic Audio, not unlike Digidesign, seem to find comfort in the idea of creating within the community of musicians--once the friendliest, most out-going and caring groups you could find anywhere--a caste system with a holier-than-thou pecking order, and in selling pricey razors in order to sell pricey razorblades.

It's lamentable.

Posted by: Presto Sun 11 Aug 2002, 17:41

I thought Digiwhatsit's Protools Free was, er, free!!! I got PTLE free with my Mbox too.

I only work with audio (no midi) and, although I haven't seriously tested any other audio apps, I can only say I don't see the need or must be too lazy bother. PT waits patiently for my slow brain to use it more. I can't say I've thought much about the tool itself- I just use it like a word processor and the story unfolds. Wow! Who invented the music that comes out? It can't be me!

Must add that I often end up not bothering to use the plugins that came free too - or if I do, only a pinch here and there. Well, that's probably because I'm lazy, and in any case the Mbox and expensive mic let me record sound that doesn't require much modification.

Levon River, I'm curious. How much did you pay for all those other apps you tried? And does DP really produce such incredibly better music than PT? I suppose it excels for MIDI. Well, I'll have a go on it when I'm richer.

Posted by: kamus Mon 12 Aug 2002, 23:02

Well Opcode may be dead but Vision is still the best sequencer around. I've used Digital Performer, ProTools and Cubase bur they don't compare to the elegant workflow that Vision provides. Amazing that such an amazing program is now freeware!

Posted by: voravor Tue 13 Aug 2002, 01:54

studiovision pro studiovision pro!!!! i don't care if humans suddenly become able to hear 1mhz no one will make me stop using it. the last update was 98, i believe, but it still surpasses all other sequencers. not for long, but for now.

Posted by: albaron Tue 13 Aug 2002, 09:09

QUOTE (kamus @ Aug 12 2002, 22:02)
... Amazing that such an amazing program is now freeware!

freeware ?
where have you seen that ?
thank you

Posted by: iMellotron Tue 13 Aug 2002, 23:41

QUOTE (albaron @ Aug 13 2002, 08:09)
QUOTE (kamus @ Aug 12 2002, 22:02)
... Amazing that such an amazing program is now freeware!

freeware ?
where have you seen that ?
thank you

you can download it for free from the opcode site.

they say that "The downloads are provided as a courtesy for those people who have copies demanding challenge codes." meaning there might be some support files that are also needed. but they are out there....

Posted by: theB94 Wed 14 Aug 2002, 09:59

I use a MPC2000. It locks up to pro tools perfectly and I have the option to sample from existing tracks. Can't bitch.

Posted by: bdeep Fri 30 Aug 2002, 20:04

I use logic mainly because i can get out of it what i want fairly quickly. ProTools or Nuendo aren't really an option for me because i use mainly midi, and hardly ever audio. Used Cubase for a very short period of time, but with logic, everything seems to work better for me. i even made an envirinment to control my MKS50 yesterday, don't think any other sequencer would let me do that (or am i wrong???).

Posted by: VibeTribe Tue 3 Sep 2002, 00:11

Opcodes Vision DSP is still the best midi sequencer EVER. Anything you can think of can be done quickly and easily. Apple should have bought Opcode from Gibson's punk ass. There should be a law against buying out a company and then shelving it. Better yet, Digidesign should have bought it and integrated it into ProTools with Altivec and multi-processor optimization. What an app that would be!!! I start out in Vision and then export midi file and use my Digi 001 and ProTools LE 5.1.1 for audio. Both apps sync to my MPC 2000XL perfectly. BTW, what is the best usb midi interface(8x8)? I have the USB Midisport 8x8s and it has bad timing. At least once a session it skips or something. It's not long, but it's hell during mixdown and when clients are in the studio. Just for info, I also have a Mackie 1642 mixer, Korg Triton Rack, Alesis DM5, Roland M-GS64, Event P6 monitors, MK-4902 keyboard controller, and a G4 DP 533/896MB RAM/120 GB of hard drive space, DP3, Logic 4.7, Cubase VST/32 5.0, Finale 2002, NI B4/Pro 52/FM7/Spektral/Absynth, Bitheadz Unity/Retro/Phrazer, Tokyo 2.5, Prophead Reason/ReCycle/Rebirth, T-Racks 24, and a host of VST/MAS/RTAS/ plugins.

Posted by: dgrillon Tue 1 Oct 2002, 13:54

I'm a DP User since 5 years and I've recorded a lot of CD's with it. For the money I found it great (smoking).
I use to work with logic or PT in various studio but DP stay my favourite.
My opinion...

Posted by: Synthetic Tue 1 Oct 2002, 15:37

me thinks some are missing the key word in the subject of the poll.... "audio" sequencer... sure many apps handle both audio and midi these days but... its not what's your favorite "midi" sequencer... its asking what is your favorite audio sequencer wink.gif just thought I would point that out

its fun to be picky when you are bored at work hehe biggrin.gif

Posted by: JohnnyCatbreath Tue 1 Oct 2002, 18:16

I started out recording *only* live instruments through a little tapedeck with a friend/guitarist, then moved on to soundedit16. Then I used cubase for a couple years and moved on to Logic.

I must say, it is one thing to say an application is too complex for no good reason, or just plain unintuitive/clunky...but it is an entirely different thing to say that an app is too complex in an evolved/functional sense, and too difficult to learn. We all read the "logic's learning curve is too hard" so often. I have taught myself a lot of applications so...maybe I'm a bad example, but...I dont think Logic is very difficult to learn. No more difficult than cubase was.

I am just beginning to get into soft-synths and sampling within logic over the last year, and I am very pleased with the way it works. I am also very happy with VST/AS plug-in support within Logic. The buyout by Apple and the subsequent restandardization of audio by the same company that makes my hardware only makes it more of a no-brainer. If you dont have the serious cash to fork out for a proprietary system (ProTools) or the patience to endure a pompous overly greedy upgrade scheme (ProTools) then Logic is the choice.

Posted by: HauiB Sat 5 Oct 2002, 01:35

I am currently using Cubase, but thinking about "Switching" to another App. LOGIC looks good, DP also, but the decision depends on which is most financially viable to the rest of my system.

Posted by: Teiwaz Mon 18 Nov 2002, 00:04

[QUOTE from Synthetik] I still prefer to use ProTools. I like the way it handles regions of audio and organizes them plus I like zooming in on a track and making edits to the waveform directly to the track and not having to switch back and forth between the arrange window and waveform editing window.



In Logic, you can set up as many as 99 (over spec'd!!) different window environments for displaying whatever you need to edit, and you also have a 'link' switch so that you can have the arrange window above, say, and the sample edit window below. With the 'link' switch enabled in BOTH windows, Clicking on an audio region in the main arrange window AUTOMATICALLY SELECTS THE AUDIO REGION IN THE SAMPLE EDIT WINDOW!!


There is absolutely NO NEED to have to "switch back and forth between the arrange window and waveform editing window". It is my duty to inform you that you need to investigate your Logic manual a little more thoroughly on the subject of window linking.


Also, I don't see what could be more flexible than being able to organize entire takes (8 tracks of live drums for example) and pack them into a folder all on their own. That sure beats "invisible tracks."

Of course, if you want to, you can put all of your midi tracks into their own folder in Logic, and all of your vocal takes into another, all of your guitars into another, etc etc, c'mon, it's an excellent system, and nobody (in the PT camp) seems to want to admit (or are unaware) of the supreme flexibilty that is Logic Audio.

How many windows are available in PT?....2. Arrange and mixer. And they're SET. Customising your key commands...? Er, no, not in PT.

It's just what it is...a basic multitracking solution.

The votes on this poll speaks for itself...

And if some think Logic users are snobs, then I'm a carrot born on the moon.



Posted by: Teiwaz Wed 4 Dec 2002, 18:39

QUOTE (add9 @ Jul 31 2002, 07:48)
Many of my friends have gone over to ProTools

Oh dear... sad.gif

Posted by: Vangelaki Fri 28 Feb 2003, 17:08

There is NO WAY that DP3 has any status especialy after they promised a osx version for ages and still have not succeeded!!! ONLY in FRANCE and ONLY from universions there motu english to french programer is supporting these false statemenst here that dp is got a rating this high!!

No way
Internationaly evident is as goes
Logic Audio
Pro tools
Logic Audio with Pro Tools hardware
Cubase and Cubase SX
then DP

its abserd that in france they exagerate and corrupt the facts!!!!

Posted by: Vangelaki Fri 28 Feb 2003, 17:15

And by the way Logic may be the best for apple since thats also corrupt by there propreitorism to support there own products by leaving everyone else out

Pro Tools is definatly the BEST AUDIO SOFTWARE/HARDWARE to depend on, no HOCUS POCUS like emagic logic 6 that for example sais they have grouping but no solos in groups, non other then pro tools is truelly based on conventianal studio engineering and music production technics and rooms.

Cubase offers great midi implemintations like arpegietor, gates and more

Logic offers a greedy user definalable sequencer but again not as flexible too, even to users needs!!!

Dp is allways a cosmetically pretty clone of ither vision or pro tools

If you have work to do get Pro Tools

If you want music to do and work then ewpand to Logic and PT hardware

If your a midi or music geek only get cuabse cuase it does great time stretching for audio as well

If you realy DO NOT use music sequencers and want to impress a french girl or guy with a mac get DP, it looks like it does what pro tools and vision does but even with 3d audio regions that cant tell you if your snapped to grid accuratly but who ever uses it never does care but that it looks gerat right?

Posted by: dspoe Wed 17 Sep 2003, 02:02

Logic.. by far... ive used them all, in every environment... studio, stage, etc...

the ability to create environments as well as its cross platform power surpases anything else. currently, i use it as my Synth/Bass rig on stage (G4 Mac -> Digi001) as well as our complete album production, etc.

Posted by: walt Sun 5 Oct 2003, 20:44

Cubase or CubaseSX first, Logic second.

Posted by: dixiechicken Thu 11 Mar 2004, 08:52

As a humble moderator/serous amateur I prefer DP-4, for it's workflow.
It's audio editing capabilities & midi capabiblities are is more than enough to do just about any kind of job.

I used to be a Vision user way way back (1.0.1 to 3.xx). I've seen before on the net, that many people with my background seem to feel at home with DP.

The notescoring part is the ONLY in-elegant/clumsy thing about DP.
Personally I think it's a misstake to include notescoring in DAW:s.

It would be better if DAW:s where delivered with proper filters for exporting out,
midi data do different file-formats. (finale,sibelius,encore,overture, notability etc)

Cheers: Dixiechicken

Posted by: td3k Thu 11 Mar 2004, 15:02

IMHO the sequencer debate is paramount to a Mac/Windows debate, so I will try not to step in *!@%. Personally I use ProTools 6.2 with Digi 001 and with Mbox. I have also used Cubase for years, since v 2.5 before the days of VST. I still use Cubase from time to time for MIDI sequencing, and for all those great VST plugs and instruments. I think that audio recording quality is superior in PT compared to Cubase. Cubase has a better MIDI sequencer.DP is not even on my radar. I cannot comment on Logic, as it's price point has kept Logic out of reach, however, people who use it swear by it. I do think if you want to be able to take your project to a pro studio for mastering, PT is the way to go. All the big boys use ProTools or Logic, or Logic with PT TDM hardware.


Posted by: fingers Fri 30 Apr 2004, 10:49

I like Pro Tools & Reason but want to get Logic.

PT is very stable and when rewired to reason is pretty unbeatable...
I do like what Apple are doing with Logic - GarageBand is great fun too!

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